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Letter to New Applicants

Please read the Letter to new Applicants.

What to expect

The majority of NMSC members joined for the basic health benefits of swimming two or three times a week with a trained coach. Motivated by fellow swimmers, workouts are challenging and fun. You don't have to compete (or even dive into the pool) if you do not want to.

The pool by default is divided into 8 lanes. The lane you swim in denotes your comfort level, stroke strengths and speed. With so many lanes there is a lot of opportunity to swim in the lane that is right for you. At your first workout the coach will help you find a lane to start but moving up and down between lanes is ultimately up to you. You may feel quick one day and rather sluggish the next. You may find one lane particularily busy and another rather empty. Nothing is set in stone (or even written down).

At the beginning of practice the coach will write a warm up workout on the board for everyone. When everyone completes this the coach will put up a series of workouts for the day one at a time as they are completed. Finally there is a warm down period where you can relax and taper off. The daily workouts are designed by the coach as part of a master plan published to the swimmers in each group at the beginning of the year. This master plan denotes the objectives for the year and how they will be achieved.

If you find a workout difficult in terms of pace or rest then modify it to suit you. No one will be looking over your shoulder. This is your workout!. Likewise, if you miss a practice or two don't feel shy about coming back. There probably isn't a single swimmer in the bunch who makes all of the practices. Life doesn't allow for that type of consistency so we understand perfectly when such things happen.

Finally, it is always good to remember that you should only be 'competing' with yourself. Try not to swim outside your personal limits just to keep up with a faster swimmer. You will probably run out of energy too quickly and ruin the rest of your workout or worse you could hurt yourself. Give it time. You will find that with stroke improvement and general cardio improvement that faster person might not seem all that fast after a few months.

Other Information

Please feel free to browse our entire site for information. Beyond this page the next best would be our Chlorine Chronicle articles (past and present) which should help you better understand what the club is all about. You will find links to the Chronicle on the left.

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