In memory of

Doug Petty - 1952-2007

Friday, June 1st

It is with great sadness that Doug's family announces his death on May 31, 2007. Doug was cycling on Sunday, May 27, 2007 in Gatineau Park when he collapsed. He was taken to the Hospital de Hull in Gatineau, Quebec and passed away there.

He is survived by his wife, Patti; his son and daughter-in-law, Marcus and Jeny and his two very loved grand daughters, Saskya and Freyja. He is also survived by an extended family of parents, brothers, and sisters who all loved him dearly. There is a long list of friends, swim mates, sailing friends and colleagues who will miss him.

A Celebration of Doug's life will be held Monday, June 04, 2007 at 11:00 AM at the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.

The care given to Doug by the Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital de Hull was truly exceptional and we would like to acknowledge and thank all of the staff but especially Dr. Kim Nguyen. Donations in Doug's memory can be sent to the Foundation - dedie aux soins intensif of the Hospital de Hull. Details can be obtained by calling (819) 595 - 6000 x 6108.

Saskya and her grandpa love yellow flowers. They can be sent if you so wish to the church address for Monday morning. If you would like to visit our family website at you can see how wonderful his life was with family and friends.

All of you were a part of Doug's life in some way and I would like to say that he valued your part in his life. Doug was a person who deeply loved his family and friends and cared about those of you who knew him. I believe he leaves a legacy of love, friendship and respect for all of you.

Thank you for being a part of his life.

Patti, Marcus, Jeny, Saskya and Freyja

Memorial Book for the Family

To Doug's many friends,

The Nepean Masters Swim Club would like you to share with us and with Doug's family your thoughts and fond memories of how Doug touched your lives

NMSC is putting together a memorial book of Doug for his wife Patti and the family. Please contribute to this memorial by submitting below any message you wish to share with us and his family. Your messages will be displayed below for now but eventually packaged more appropriately so they can be presented to his family.

For those of you who knew Doug but are not part of the NMSC, please feel free to add your message to the collection below. We know Doug was active in the community and had many friends.

With warm regards,

The executive committee, NMSC

Memorial Book Entries

A Great Teammate

June 2, 2007 - Patty, I received the news at swim practice last Monday and have been monitoring the situation ever since. I am currently in Geneva on a business trip and will not be able to personally offer my condolences and support to you and your family. However, I want you to know that my thoughts have been with Doug, you and your family all week. I will be thinking of you on Monday and for many, many more days, weeks and months to come. On the last "beer night", I sat and chatted with you and Doug. He commented on noticing how hard I have been working this year. Actually, it was less the hard work in the pool than the fact that little things were coming together for some nice results. I found his comment very encouraging, especially coming just days before Nationals. I will hold that "beer night" very close to me. Take care
Brigitte Zirger, 08/10/2007

To Patti and Family

Like Doug, I also migrated from formal training in physics to the world of high technology. But I think we never forget our early studies. When Doug wasn't wearing his glasses he would curl his fingers into an open fist and look through the tiny opening to read the clock or the notice board, remembering and taking advantage of the effect of aperture stops on depth of field. One time I proposed a puzzle, actually the type of problem that might be given at a second year course in classical mechanics. Sure enough, at the next workout, Doug came in with the answer. He didn't make a big deal of it, almost off-handedly commenting on the physical principles he used to solve it. Doug loved life, his activities of swimming, cycling and sailing, and most of all, his family. We all miss him.
Charlie Colpitts, 27/09/2007

To Patti and Family

I met and knew Doug through the NMSC plus the beer nights, usually after the Thursday night swims. He was a person that competed with himself and not against other individuals. This allowed him to accomplish the many good things during his life. My deep sympathy to you and your family. Doug will be missed.
Bob Willies, 22/06/2007

Condolences to Patti and Family

My condolences to Patti; I met Doug at the Ottawa Bicycle Club in the early 90s, we were part of a group training for Rideau Lakes. Over the years we stayed friends and did many an OBC Sunday ride together. I always liked Doug's soft spoken, well thought out comments in cycling or swimming or anything else for that matter. We usually run into each other at assorted sporting events; Kingston swim meet, Ottawa U, and of course, Rideau-Lakes. Our last encounter on the bike, during Rideau-Lakes, Doug told me, proudly, he had graduated to a bike with a granny-gear. I will miss him.
Jose Vivanco - [email protected], 17/06/2007

To Patti

Your tragic loss has been shared with so many of us. I only wish that all this grief could somehow serve to change things so that we could have Doug back among us. I am most grateful to have had the honor and privilege of knowing him, and in particular of being and training with him in the pool four times a week over most of the six years 2001-2006 that I was with the club. Always in the same group, we had the same favorite stroke (breaststroke). This brought us together almost from the beginning, even before I was graduated to his lane. He was almost five years younger, so that is my excuse for almost, but never quite, being able to swim faster than him in that stroke, or in most others for that matter (though backstroke was a different story!). His relaxed and calm, quiet and personable, smiling and friendly, kindly and caring manner was most likeable and memorable, but strength and determination were hidden away in the mix also. He was a truly fine person. From my far-away location I add my deepest condolences to you and the family, while knowing that he will always be a part of me and all of us who knew him, living on in our hearts and minds, a model of goodness of which we could all do with more.
Mike Sandoz, 17/06/2007

We'll race again!

Having raced and conversed with Doug many times over the years I'll miss him. I was shocked to hear the sad news yesterday as I just went through my third heart procedure on May 29th at the Heart Institute with convalescing till a few days ago. My condolences to Doug's family.
Jim Wright, Technosport Swimmer/Coach, 14/06/2007

Our Condolences

Doug was always friendly/approachable on and off deck and ready with advice (which was particularly helpful when we were considering installing hardwood floors). Our deepest condolences- he will be missed.
Roger Ermuth & Family, 13/06/2007

Will be missed

As a fellow web guy I will miss the interesting insights and discussions I had with Doug. He was always approachable and helpful. I wish you and your family all of the best.
Trevor Holt, 12/06/2007

Doug Petty - year in, year out

I only met Doug once - at the 1999 Nepean Nationals, but have "written" his name in the (statistical) books many times over the years ! This is very sad for many of us.
Christian Berger, MSC Recorder, 12/06/2007

To Patti and family, and all of NMSC

My condolences. Doug was a fixture at all the local swim meets and will be greatly missed.
Lynn Marshall, Carleton Masters Head Coach, 12/06/2007

a great guy

My sincere condolences to Doug's family. I met Doug through the Nepean Masters swim and dragon boat teams. I remember well the look of pure joy on his face when his family, including grandchildren, would arrive at the dragon boat festival to help cheer his team on. Wishing you strength in this difficult time.
Nancy Parkhill, 07/06/2007

To Patti and Family

Our hearts go out to you at this time of such a sudden and tragic loss. Gordon and I will remember Doug as a solid,quiet, friendly guy with a great sense of humour and a most devoted and proud Grandpa. I will miss him in the dragonboat where he watched my back and kept me on my toes these many years. i will miss seeing him snoozing under that big tree in between races. I will never forget the time when, in the heat of one race I felt this sudden "thwack" across the back followed by dead air and a loss of power on our side of the boat ---Doug had broken his paddle in two!
Cynthia Walker, 04/06/2007

Remembering Doug

Patti, I last saw you and Doug some time ago. I was about to get married and head off to Bermuda for five years. Along with a group of female swimmers, you and Doug went down to Elgin Street with me to say farewell and good luck over dinner and later dancing upstairs. I thought how brave that was of him to join all of us as the only male-then again that's just the kind of thing he would do. I have a small picture album that the team gave me as a parting gift (I've kept it for the last 12 years) and there's one picture of Doug with that unforgetable smile. Over the weekend I shared the album with my husband at the cottage and celebrated Doug's life as I gardened.
Pamela Wilson, 04/06/2007

To Patti & family

When I first NMSC, I swam with A group, and had the privilege of meeting you and Doug, and seeing first hand your and Doug's wonderful attitude and zest for life. Doug was always contributing to the club in one way or another, including getting us online for communications, long before that was the norm! He gave so much to this club, and we are all so grateful! My heart goes out to you and your family in this sudden and unexpected loss. I hope that the wonderful memories you all made together will gradually comfort you, and I know that he will always be with you in your hearts.
Rosemary Sheldon, 03/06/2007

To Patti & family

My heart goes out to you and your family through this tragic and sudden loss. I swam with Doug for about 7 years, and I will always remember seeing him on deck every practice with a hello and a smile. I will miss seeing him there, he was truly one of a kind.
Lorri Black, 03/06/2007

Thinking of you, Patti

Through this difficult time may Doug's strong love for his family hold you up. Doug was a dedicated athlete and team member and his absence will be felt both in the pool, on the deck, and in the boat. I'm sure his love for life (and yellow flowers) will always be with Saskya and Freyja.
Carrie Horne, A group, 03/06/2007

In memory of my young lane mate.

I will miss seeing Doug early on swim nites doing his shoulder exercises with his old blue stretch band....I swam with Doug with most of my/his 20+ years with NMSC. Doug was a great lane mate always strong in the water, even though we had to strong-arm him into leading sets at times....out of the water Doug was a calm, cool guy!
[email protected], 02/06/2007

Patti and Family

Patti, we will all miss Doug’s “Big Friendly” smile at `A` group swims. Doug was always cheerful at swim meets and helpful whenever I required assistance. The club members become an extended family to all of us and we all will miss him as a friend. Patti in these difficult days ahead, please keep in mind that we have all lost someone that enriched our lives.
Janet Manuel, 02/06/2007

Doug Petty Remembered

I am also a morning swimmer and met Doug primarily at swim meets, the AGM and by his reputation as our webmaster. This December at the NMSC family swim he was in the baby pool under the waterfalls with a very young child in his arms. I asked if this was his daughter and he proudly beamed "this is my granddaughter". It was evident to me that Doug enjoyed his life, was passionate about swimming (had been a member of NMSC since 1984) and love his family. I will miss his presence and his smile.
Barry Doucette, 02/06/2007

Condolences to Doug's family

Dear Patti, Marcus, Jeny, Saskya and Freyja As I'm a morning swimmer, I had only met Doug a couple of times, mainly at the NMSC AGM, or through brief e-mail exchanges when I took over the newsletter. I joined the Dragon Boat team this year and was looking forward to getting to know Doug. Sadly, I got to practice with him only twice. I took the time to look at your family Web site. What I saw in the pages I looked at left me with the impression that the Petty family is pretty special... proud of each other, close-knit, a lot of fun, and very loving. How sad that Doug has left you too soon. I certainly hope that all those wonderful memories on your Web site, and certainly the many more you have as a family, help ease your grief and keep his memory alive. With heartfelt sympathy,
Carla St-Germain, NMSC executive team member, 01/06/2007


Hey there Patty I remember dancing with Doug at a meet and telling you about it. You said you poor thing he's all over the place .I had a great time and he allways had a way about putting your name into the conversasion no matter what we were talking about.He loved you and family greatly.I will miss him greatly.Love Debbie
, 01/06/2007

To Patti & the Family

My heart goes out to you Patti and all the family at this time of your so sudden and immeasureable loss of Doug. He was such a good friend, always there with a quick smile, a caring attitude and a willingness to help. He was a man of great character, so proud of you, Marcus and Jenny and his two darling grandaughters Saskya and Freyja, his eyes lit up in their presence and I will long remember Saskya cheering Doug on a a swim meet, Go Fast Grampa, Go Fast, and Doug carrying her on his shoulders at Dragon Boat competions. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Brian & Ann Robertson, 01/06/2007