In memory of

Ian Button - 1975-2006

Friday, May 26th

We are very happy to announce the arrival of Emily Ann Button. She arrived at 3:40pm today at 5lbs 15.5on and 19in in length. Mother and daughter are doing just fine.

Sunday, April 9th

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our fellow swimmer and friend Ian Button. Ian collapsed on this day while riding his bike. Ian is survived by his wife Michelle who is due to give birth to their first child in a couple of months. This loss deeply saddens and shocks us all.

Ian was a strong swimmer, competitor and a passionate contributor to our club by way of his many volunteer hours as our current registrar. Many of us knew and respected him and we, the executive, would like to hear from you. The club is putting together a memorial for Ian and a collection for his wife and child. Please contribute to this memorial by submitting below any message you wish to share with us and his family. Your messages will be displayed below for now but eventually packaged more appropriately so they can be presented to his family. A positive theme could be to tell his unborn child the kind of person Ian was to you.

For those of you who knew Ian but are not part of the NMSC family please feel free to add your message to the collection below. We know Ian was an active member of more than one club and had many friends.

With warm regards,

The executive committee, NMSC

In memory of Ian

I just found out today about Ian while talking to Brent Barber a friend and co-worker of Ian. I didn't know Ian very well except for our yearly rides to Gatineau Park with the guys from CIHI while visiting Ottawa. I have a picture of us all in the park from July of 1999 that I am looking at now and remembering the fun and relentless teasing that was part of every ride. He was a good guy to ride with and spend 6 or 7 hours suffering in Gatineau Park. I am glad that I had the opportunity to spend time with Ian. I give my deepest sympathy to his wife and baby girl.
Paul Schoffro, 08/07/2006

Remembering Ian

About 2 1/2 years ago, I had just started working at CIHI. It was shortly after the Super Bowl and I ran into Ian in the hall. We only had a couple brief conversations up to that point. Of course asking a fellow male employee if he had watched the Super Bowl was a good icebreaker. However with Ian, that particular year, it was a point of extreme pride and joy since his cherished New England Patriots won the game. He lead me to his office to show me his team jacket that was proudly on display on the door. When New England made the playoffs this past year, I immediately e-mailed Ian looking for a prediction. His response was predictable. He said, "Put it this way, I've taken the jacket out of the drawer so that it won't be wrinkled for the big game." That was Ian. He will be missed, but more importantly remembered. Take care Michelle, Emily Ann and the Button Family.
Mario DiGiosia, 27/06/2006

To the Button Family and Michelle

I am deeply saddened by the sudden death of my dear childhood friend. Ian, Mark, my sister (Sherisse) and I spent many weekends at Butt’s Pond or Indian Arm Pond with our parents. I am honored to have known Ian. We were involved in many of the same sports growing up such as swimming, and running. Ian and I had many discussions over the years of who was taller, as we wrote it on our bricks at Gander College when we graduated. We (Ian, Mark and I) had many laughs over the ‘good old tank’ (the diesel truck). I will keep each and every memory of Ian with me forever. To Ian’s unborn child-your father was the kindness person and his determination was remarkable. Ian made everyone around him want to be a better person.
Shacara Dawson-Greenham (Gander N.L), 12/05/2006

Sincere Sympathy to the Button Family

Derm and I were saddened to hear of Ian's passing. Although we did not know Ian, we want you to know we are truly sorry. May God give you the strength to deal with this terrible loss. When little baby Button arrives, you both will be the proudest grandparents, knowing this little baby is a part of your wonderful son. God bless you both. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Derm & Margaret Coady, 03/05/2006

Eric, Judy, Michelle and treasured Baby

Out of such tragedy have come so many joyful memories of an extaordinary young man. The love and strength of family and friends helped form Ian and now, hopefully, will aid in the gradual acceptance of his passing. Baby Button, you will quite innocently, be at the centre of the healing. As you learn to smile, to laugh and to talk, memories of your Dad will be personally savored by those around you and, through you, however bittersweet, healing will take place. On behalf of my family and my Dad, our deepest sympathy to you all. Marie (MacDonald) deCoste
, 03/05/2006

To Dr. Button and family.

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Dr.Button, you were my doctor at one time before we moved to Nova Scotia. Unfortunately we never met Ian, but we know he had to be a fine man. May God be with you all.
Roger and Dallas Harmon, 01/05/2006

Leaving a legacy

Michelle and Baby Button, I did not know Ian aside from meeting on deck in the morning (I was closer to the other side of the pool) and his email reminders but he always made those around him feel like they mattered. He had an easy smile and it came from the heart. It is truly a great loss to all the lives he touched. May every time you feel the breeze on your cheek you be kissed with his whisper that he loves you both always.
Manon Prevost-Mullane, 30/04/2006

Michelle and Baby

At this very difficult time, please be assured that our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Aunt Annette and Uncle Gerry Nickerson, 30/04/2006, 30/04/2006

To Ian's Family and Friends, New and Old

I often recall memories from years past, and often these are the happiest and treasured times, moments when a positive person took the time to share them self. And although I only knew Ian for four years at Acadia University, his memory still comes back to mind every so often, like last week out the blue when I should've been studyin', I was thinkin' about my first Acadia days, and there was Ian. Kinda tells ya somethin' when my memory can picture Ian and we weren't even best friends. Of course, I remember his passion for biking and often recall Ian when I get on my bike for a ride. But it was his quiet disposition composed with calm confidence and a smile that sparked support that I remember the most. He may not have said too much when he stopped by for a study/procrastination break (or hints on the most recent assigment), but you could be sure by the time he decided to leave, everyone was smiling. He had that effect on people. He was always welcome. Just know your father is part of you unborn Baby Button, and to see him, just look in the mirror and smile. He will smile back. I promise you.
Aaron Spares, Fellow Chipman Alumni, Acadia U, NS, 29/04/2006

To the Button Family

We were shocked and saddened by your sudden loss.It seems that the little boy next door has left a great impression on a lot of people. Wish we had gotten to know him in his later years. I am sure you have many pleasant memories to comfort you. We wish you all the best.
Fred and Vicky Jeans, 27/04/2006

Condolences to our friends

Even though we did not know Ian personally we have known Eric and Judy since moving to Gander 20 years ago and it is no surprise that Ian was a well loved and respected man. His parents love and dedication for and to their family is evident in that man he became. We are so sorry for the sorrow you are experiencing and hope you find comfort in knowing that Ian touched many lives and brought joy and happiness to the many people who knew him. Baby Button we hope that you will carry these qualities with you thoughout your life and the stories of your Dad's legacy will help you know that man he was.
David, Kim & Benjamin Cheeks, 26/04/2006

On a loss

I don't have a lot from Ian, just, "I have an opening for Group B beginning in January if you are interested." I'd waffled on registering, he got me in late. A year later when I again didn't get in on time he provided a few good options for me to get back with the team. That sort of help is rare, and I'm sorry to say rarer. Aaron
Aaron Kennedy, 24/04/2006

To the Button Clan

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Ian's passing. It is unthinkable that one so young, healthy and full of the best of life should be taken so quickly. I knew Ian through Masters swimming, only in passing really, but he was one of those people who could spread sunshine just by smiling and saying "Hey, how was your swim?". He will be missed on deck and in the pool. My deepest sympathies go out to Michelle, Baby Button and Ian's family and friends.
Genevieve Mackwood, 24/04/2006

Dr. Eric Button and family

We were deeply saddened to hear of Ian's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May god keep you and strengthen you at this difficult time.
Judy,Sherman and Kent Wiseman, 23/04/2006

Just another voice of support

I've hesitated to post, thinking "What can I possibly add to the volumes of good things being said about Ian, beyond just adding another 'me too' to the list?". And yet it's the volumes that speak volumes. Ian has touched so many lives in such a positive way. He excelled in even the little things that make people feel good about themselves and their activities, as so many have attested to. From the commemorative "fly night" at B group practice (where I was able to actually swim my very first complete 200 metre butterfly! Perhaps, as Sherry said, Ian's spirit was the 'wind beneath my wings'?) to all of the other great things that people have posted -- Ian has inspired so many people. Michelle, we've never met, but I will add my voice to the many who are telling you good things about Ian. Baby Button, may you grow up to be as kind, generous of spirit and "all around good" as your Dad was. We all miss him.
Kevin Cockell, NMSC swimmer, 21/04/2006

Button Family

I am a fellow morning Swimmer and although I swam at the other end of the pool I had the occasonal privilage of speaking with Ian.He allways struck me as a really nice guy.Being a mother and grandma I feel very saddened by the loss of such a nice person.But take heart that the baby is a blessing that you will see Ian forever.I can only imagine the sadness you must feel and am very sorry for your loss.
Debbie Hughes, 21/04/2006

In memory of my friend

{presented to CIHI staff in attendance at a memorial service at the Ottawa office, April 18, 2006} I had the privilege of knowing Ian as a co-worker, as a teammate, as a cycling companion, and as a friend. We first met in November 1999, shortly after I started at CIHI. We were both young Analysts at that time, just starting our careers. There are few people I respect more than Ian. His commitment and dedication to both his professional and personal life will always be an inspiration to me. Ian understood the value and importance in setting goals and, after achieving those goals, he would immediately set new goals and work towards those. Those of you who only knew Ian as a quiet, polite, hard-working fellow in CMDB only saw part of the picture. The recent postings on the Nepean Masters Swim Club website provide a glimpse into the competitive (and generous) sides of Ian Button. But as a close friend of Ian’s said so eloquently at his funeral on Saturday, it was a competition against the clock and against himself – it was never intended to be at the expense of others. Except maybe soccer referees. We played indoor soccer together a few years back, and Ian’s entire demeanour changed when he stepped onto the soccer field. The quietest, most generous person you’ve ever met would begin yelling at the referee within seconds of the game starting, and he wouldn’t stop until the game was finished. We lost most of our games that season – like every season – but it certainly wasn’t Ian’s fault. He was by far our best player, and had the ability to make those around him better. It was his drive to continually improve that made Ian such a valued co-worker and teammate. And it was his loyalty, patience and generosity that made Ian such a good friend, son, husband and father-to-be. My wife Allison and I had the pleasure of attending Ian and Michelle’s wedding at the Chateau Laurier, and they later attended our wedding in the Niagara region. We spent time together at holiday parties, housewarmings and during the Tour de France every July, getting together at someone’s house to watch the pivotal stages. Ian and I were also ushers in Erik and Anne Markhauser’s wedding. I was even “traded” for Ian here at CIHI once. In August 2003, Erik Markhauser left CIHI to attend graduate school. At that time, Louise had the wonderful idea of filling Erik’s vacancy in CMDB with Ian, and filling Ian’s vacancy in NHEX with me. Fortunately for me, Ian organized and developed an entire NHEX training program when I started. And although we got busy with the annual publications, Ian and Chad were there for me every day, teaching me what I needed to know. But it was through cycling that I have my fondest memories of Ian. It started with mountain biking in the summer of 2000, when Brent, Scott Young, Ian and I would hit Gatineau Park every weekend, often accompanied by others. It didn’t take long for Ian’s history and abilities in competitive cycling to shine through; within weeks of taking up the sport he would leave us behind on long climbs uphill. By the end of that summer it was obvious we were just holding him back, but he never complained or even said a word. For Ian, the challenge was against himself, not against us. He was just happy to see us try our best. In recent years, Ian would often ask if I wanted to go road cycling with him. Sadly, I rarely accepted for fear of being too slow. Last summer, Ian and his friend Layla rode with Allison and I during the Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour to Kingston and back, setting a pace that Allison and I could never keep ourselves. For Ian, that generous act was viewed only as a training opportunity. And that was Ian’s nature – generous acts done not for credit or glory, but because they were the right thing to do. He was always true to himself and to others, and for that, I will always have the highest respect and admiration for him.
Paul Sajan, 19/04/2006

Our Deepest Sympathies to the Button Family,

Through our work with CIHI we were fortunate enough to have had almost daily contact with Ian for 8 months of the year. Even on the grayest day his sunny disposition always made you smile. While not all of us were able to meet Ian in person, we are thankful for the contact we were able to share with him. Everyone here was both saddened and shocked at the news of Ian's passing. We will miss his influence, positive attitude, professionalism, and laughter. Our sympathy goes our to Ian's parents, siblings, and especially to his wife and unborn child. May your grandchild, child, and niece/nephew bring you much joy and remind you of the positive aspects of their father.
Ron Wood, Colin Wood and Cathy Hilton, 19/04/2006

To Michelle and Family

Wow after I read all these great stories of Ian and his experiences I have to say that Ian had so much to offer to everyone. He was a true HERO. Myself and my family were very privilaged to have met such a great person that had so much respect for everyone around him. Ian and Michelle had just moved in beside us last August. We couldn't have asked for better neighbors. Even though they might have been a bit quite which is understandable being the new ones on the block, they still went out of their way to introduce themselves to us the first few days after they moved in. We were looking forward to getting to know Ian, Michelle and the new addition to their family so much better. I had the experience to enjoy a boys night of poker with Ian and 15 of his other friends last winter. What a great night he put on for us, he rented two tables and put on a spread of food for poker champions that night. April 2, 2006 will be stuck in my mind every year. Early that morning I was about to go out and get some groceries when Ian asked me if I could help him move a new cabinet they had bought out of there truck. I write this with great sorrow now knowing that I was one of the last persons that had the opportunity to spend a few moments in casual conversation with Ian. After finding out later that evening of the news I felt honoured of the couple of minutes we had together earlier that morning and I will cherish them. Michelle, Jeanine and I are hear for you if you need anything, don't hesitate to knock or call. Ian you'll be missed by my family greatly.
Dean, Jeanine, Hannah & Madison Otto 19/04/2006, 19/04/2006

To the Button Family

It's been many years since I have seen Ian and I didn't know him as well as I knew Mark, yet it's very difficult to process this devastating news. I have read all of the messages written here and am in awe of the person Ian was and had become. People who knew Ian in many different ways from many different places all saw the same qualities shine in him. I hope that these cherished memories and comments bring some small measure of comfort in the days ahead. Thinking of you all.
Lori Harte (Strickland), 19/04/2006

To Eric, Judy, Mark, Michelle & Baby Button

My only memories of Ian I can re-call are of times when my sister Kim and I would baby-sit. Being such a tiny mite back then, Ian was always too excitable to go to bed. But after chasing him and Mark around the house, they would finally run out of steam and make their way to bed. Some times just the mention of calling their parents would do the trick. But Ian would always be laughing and smiling even as he was falling asleep. Although I didn't know him as a man, from what I understand, he was still full of excitement, life and smiles. He will surely be missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you now more than ever. (The Miller Family)
Cathy Fey (nee: Miller), 19/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

I first met Ian at my first swim meet (NMSC Winterlude 2000) and I would see him at other meets and at the pool. Ian was always helpful in answering questions about swimming. He also had a big smile and proud of what he had accomplished when he swam. It was sad to know that Ian had left so sudden!. Baby Button your dad will be proud of you whatever you do in life.
Janet Manuel, 19/04/2006

To The Button Family

My deepest sympathies for your loss. I knew Ian from the Gander swim team and from homeroom class in highschool. As others have mentioned he was a sincere and easy-going person that got along well with everyone. It is not surprising that he developped such a strong network of friends and team-mates in Ottawa. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
Kim Frail, 18/04/2006

In memory of my friend

{presented to CIHI staff in attendance at a memorial service at the Ottawa office, April 18, 2006} I joined CIHI in September of 2000 and met Ian Button shortly thereafter. We both worked under the Health Expenditures umbrella, but in different groups at the time. Being roughly the same age – I had a couple of years on him - we would talk casually a lot, about things like movies and current events. It was the beginning of what would be a great friendship, but before it could progress, Ian had to address an issue he had with me. He had to train me to stop saying “NewFOUNDland” and start saying “NewFUNDland”. “Anyk, it’s not FOUND, it’s FUND. Like a mutual fund!” After a few months of being constantly corrected, I finally had my act together, and we were ready to go. A couple of years later, Ian joined the CMDB as part of a job rotation, and for the past three years, we worked side-by-side. Without looking, I can tell that everybody in this room has a connection to CIHI, past or present, so I would like to quickly speak about Ian the employee, even though I would prefer to spend all of my time speaking about Ian the person. Thankfully, my comments will be short because they are very conclusive. Essentially, he was peerless. Everything you would want in a co-worker or employee, he had. Greg, you said it perfectly the other day, when you said that he had an incredible ability to be in the moment. If he told you he was working on Data Quality, that’s what he was working on. That’s where his mind was. Focus, concentration, single-mindedness, whatever you want to call it – the same attribute that allowed him to be such an accomplished athlete, enabled him to excel in the workplace. I understand that Ian was part of a committee that was looking at identifying necessary skills and qualities for CIHI analysts. I can tell the champions of this initiative now that your prototype for an analyst was sitting at the table during your meetings. Ian was no less impressive as a person. He had what I can only refer to as a strong moral compass, always pointing true to the important things in life, and rarely straying from it. He was a devoted husband and family man. He built many friendships in this city, with co-workers, other athletes, acquaintances you name it. He was as well-rounded and complete a human being as I know. And, when he wasn’t sharing his time with family and friends, he pursued his interests with vigor and passion, whether it be cycling or acting as the registrar for his swim club, or whatever. And he encouraged others to do the same. I can’t remember if he was the person to inspire me to start running, but he was always advising, offering tips and words of wisdom. Many other athletes –from CIHI, the Ottawa region, and elsewhere have said the same. Like all of us, in retrospect, I wished Ian hadn’t pursued some of those interests so passionately. But here’s the thing: Ian lived, but he was also AliVE. The two are not the same thing. And not everybody does both. In Craig Haines’ beautiful speech at Ian’s funeral on Saturday, he spoke many times of Ian’s competitive spirit. And while I never competed against him in any sports – he was in a much higher league than I was as an athlete – I can vouch for that spirit. He was even competitive in his kindness, and I’ll give you an example: Last December, on the last day before I left for Christmas vacation, I had purchased a Christmas gift for Ian, but didn’t want him to receive it before I left. So I waited for him to leave that day, then left the gift in his mail slot, and e-mailed him before I left work, telling him to check his mail slot the next day, and wishing him a Merry Christmas. Deep down, I was chuckling - I knew this would frustrate him, because of the one-upmanship involved. Sure enough, when I checked my work e-mail after I returned from my family holiday, there was a message from Ian sitting in my inbox: “Why’d you go and do that? You’re coming over to our house for dinner.” And a few days later, I did. Ian and Michelle hosted me at their new house, and we had a lovely dinner, and we just hung out with their pets and talked, and later went to see a movie. And what I remember most about that night was that it was just three people enjoying each other’s company, completely free of any kind of stress, work-related or otherswise. I remember at one point, sitting at the dinner table eating this great meal, thinking to myself, “Gee, I might have to concede victory to Ian on this one, because I don’t think it’s right that I subject them to my cooking.” Competitive kindness. Here’s another example, from two Fridays ago. It was just before lunch, and I was finishing up my packing, preparing to catch a train to Montreal to catch my flight . The phone rang – it was Ian, calling from work. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation, as I remember it. It has some Seinfeldian overtones, which Ian would appreciate, I’m sure: “So when are you leaving?” “In about half an hour.” “Need a ride?” “Nope, I’ll call a cab. No worries.” “Are you sure?” “Yep – it just makes more sense” “Because I can easily come and get you” “Doesn’t make any sense – why drive all the way out here just for that? I’ve got it covered.” “It’s not that far”. “Nah, just stay there and enjoy your lunch. It’s all taken care of.” “Really, it’ll take me five minutes to get there.” “Hey, if you have business in the east end, and you happen to pass through downtown to get there, then yeah, it makes sense – otherwise, don’t worry about it.” “Come on Anyk, give me a break - I need to get out of the office for a bit.” So, I found it in my heart to do Ian a huge favour and permitted him to drive me to the station. On the way in, I mentioned how my shoulders were sore from playing dodgeball earlier in the week. He mentioned how his arms were sore from swimming earlier in the week. We talked about how long the flight was going to be, and we talked about what his plans were for the weekend. We pulled into the station, and he helped me with my luggage. He said ‘Have a great trip’, and I said “I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.” I entered the station and he drove away. There are much worse final memories to have of a person. As an analyst, my job is to make sure that anything that leaves my hands is water-tight: error-free, completely explainable and tested. I can tell you that I’ve taken the information of Ian’s passing and poked it, prodded it, turned it on its end, shaken it, wrung it, and thrown it at the wall, to determine if there’s any microscopic shred of good contained within it. It’s been a few days now, and I’ve found nothing. However, as solace, I remind myself that we are coping with this and adjusting to this as a community; a community of people who knew Ian. And as such, we can comfort one another. I can’t begin to tell you how comforting it was for me at Ian’s funeral to speak to the familiar CIHI faces (past and present), and to share my feelings and to open myself up to theirs as well, because their feelings and thoughts helped inform mine. So that’s something that we have the power to do. I have plenty of material, based on only good memories – there’s not a bad one in the bunch – but eventually, I have to stop talking, and I thought that I would end on this note: As I mentioned earlier, Ian, like many of us at CIHI, was a film buff. We talked about films frequently, comparing notes on what to see and what to avoid. And I think that one of the few films that we both agreed upon was “The Shawshank Redemption”, which I suppose a lot of people like as well. I want to finish up with this quote from the film, which pretty much describes how I’m feeling now that I’ve had the chance to absorb all of this. I hope that you choose to interpret it in the same way that I do. “I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up DOES rejoice. Still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone. I guess I just miss my friend.”
Anyk Glussich, 18/04/2006

Ian Button

I have tried no less than 15 times over the past week to try and write something about Ian. The longer I have waited the more I have been able to read what others thought and felt about Ian. If the measure of ones life is in any way related to how it has impacted others, then very few of us will ever live a life as rich and as meaningful as Ians.
Glenn MacDougall, 18/04/2006

Another Chosen Angel

Dr Button & Family We are truly sorry for this great tragedy you are enduring. It is obvious that Ian was a well loved individual and touched the lives of many in a special way. Our hearts ache with you over the loss of your child. You must be very proud of all of his accomplishments and the effect he had on so many.
G & M Strickland & Family, 18/04/2006


So sorry about all this Michelle, I think you know by now how we all feel sorrow for you.
Tante Anne et Oncle Ches, 18/04/2006

In memory of my friend

{presented to CIHI staff in attendance at a memorial service at the Ottawa office, April 18, 2006} Ian Button was too skinny, fit and skilled in cycling, and spent far too much time on road bikes for my liking... and I let him know it. In response, Ian was not shy about reminding me that I might see better results mountain biking by investing less in the latest ultra light mountain bike parts, and a little more in reducing the proportions of my own cougar-like frame. This exchange characterized our chatter at the fridge, while we put our lunch’s away Monday mornings before beginning work. Ian would usually describe the hours of time he had spent road cycling or swimming over the weekend– usually both – and I would present my latest gash or wound received mountain biking. We shared stories and joked with each other the way good friends do when they share a common passion for a sport. It was mountain biking that brought Ian and I together and I helped Ian find his first real mountain bike. I like to believe I had a role to play in Ian’s interest in the dirtier but more fun side of cycling. I remember fondly, participating with Ian and other CIHI staff in a 24-hour mountain bike race, what seems like so many years ago. It was at this race that I first saw the quiet storm that Ian was – an understated, fierce competitor, rich in talent and spirit. Over the passed few years Ian stopped mountain biking to focus on the swim, bike, run scene of triathlons and in particular road cycling. He even went so far as to sell his mountain bike. I had earmarked this summer to drag Ian back to the fold and I had intended to lend him my downhill mountain bike to ease the transition. Lending Ian one of my bikes solved two key problems. The first problem was how to get Ian on a $2000 mountain bike with a baby on the way, and a wife that was already familiar with most of my schemes to drag husbands out riding with me. The second problem, at least for me was Ian was a really good cyclist. Putting Ian on the heaviest, slowest bicycle I could find was really the only hope I had of keeping up with him... and faint hope at that. My interest in dragging Ian back into mountain biking was entirely selfish. Ian’s good-natured sense of humour and enthusiasm enriched the experiences of those fortunate enough to spend time with him. Ian’s death is a terrible loss for all of us who knew him. Ian’s untimely passing is so in conflict with the hopeful expectations of this stage of his life that the enormity of the loss defies words.... I will miss his friendship very much and my thoughts remain with Michelle, Baby Button and Michelle and Ian’s families. Brent Barber
Brent Barber, 18/04/2006

To the Button Family

To Dr. and Mrs. Button, Mark and Michelle, I pass along my condolences. While the depths of your loss cannot be matched, you are certainly not alone in grieving the loss of Ian. Memories of regulating swimming Ganderites immediately spring to mind when I think of Ian. Many hours were spent with Ian strolling about the pool deck sharing little insider jokes and deciding what CD we would play next. After spotting Ian on his bike several times from afar in Ottawa, I finally caught up with Ian and had the pleasure of meeting Michelle. Ian remained the person I remember from those days spent lifeguarding in Gander. It was simply a pleasure to share his company.
Andrea Suley, 18/04/2006

To his family...

He will be remembered... I was caught quite off-guard when my sister let me know of Ian's passing. My time with Ian was back when he was 15/16/17...I knew Ian as a young and talented swimmer (like his brother) but was developing a keen interest in cycling. He hadn't yet begun racing and knew of a few of us around the neighborhood that for some reason or another took to cycling (defying the odds in a small town in Newfoundland!). But guess what, he did too...did he ever! Quickly, he was besting all of us (and he was a couple of years younger!!). He made the Provincial team & raced on the Mainland - and from there, obviously kept it up his whole life... I read the messages and see that he made an impact and impression on thoughts go out to his family and hope that time and reflection help to heal the loss. /chris
Christopher Edison, 18/04/2006

To the Button Family

I knew Ian from growing up in Gander. He was a year behind me in school. He was also friends with my roommates at M.U.N (Jeff, Steve, and Mark). I couldn't believe it when my mother told me of his passing and I am especially saddened that he will never get to know what it's like to hold, kiss, and hug his newborn baby. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you at this time.
Trudy Pittman (Stratton), 18/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

We are deeply saddened by your loss. One of most precious memories of Ian was from August 2003, where he played a key role in our wedding day. When we decided to get married in Kingston, we also decided to participate in the K-Town Triathlon in the morning before our evening ceremony. When we chose to do the team event, we asked Ian if he would be able to do the bike portion- sandwiched between the bride’s swim (Jennifer) and the groom’s run (Ian J.). Never one to pass on an opportunity to race with friends, he agreed to participate. It was fantastic to have Ian there with us on the bike and in the transition zone and to have you, Michelle, there to cheer us on. As Ian’s friend, wife and trusty companion, it truly made it a special day for us to have you join in our celebration. We will always smile when we recall the necessary last-minute shopping trip that afternoon to purchase some wedding attire for Ian, as he had remembered all of his cycling gear but had neglected to pack something more formal! To Ian, getting involved in a sport meant participating in all aspects of it, and to truly give of himself so that all of us, and many others, could enjoy the same excitement that seemed to energize him. He was a passionate technician, with his bike, with his technique, with his body. Whether it was his priceless contribution to our wedding day, his volunteer triathlon officiating, his mentoring and words of encouragement as we followed him on cycling loops of Gatineau Park or countless other acts, he inspired many to strive to improve towards excellence. It is his generous spirit that we will always remember and we are so happy that a Baby Button will be able to carry this on into the future. The two of us have been greatly touched by him, Michelle, as we all have and will continue to be.
Ian Joiner and Jennifer Brown, 18/04/2006

The Button Family

I have so many fond memories of our families spending time together. Ian was always smiling and laughing. Words cannot express how sorry I am to hear of your loss. Sherisse Dawson 04/18/06
, 18/04/2006


BEulAH HOBBS, 17/04/2006

The Button Family

May the arms of friendship reach out to you,comfort you and lift some of your sorrow.We're thinking of you at this sad time.Frances & Jack Fox
Frances & Jack Fox, 17/04/2006

To Ian's Family

Dr & Mrs Button, I am so genuinely sorry for, and saddened by your loss. You raised a wonderful man, and I will remember him fondly. I am so sorry. Michelle & Baby, I pray that you find comfort in the little things. I'm sure Ian (your Daddy) is watching over you, look for the brightest star in the sky at night or for the most beautiful butterfly on a summer's day, somehow he'll be there with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Deena Helm (Torraville), 17/04/2006

We are deeply saddened to hear of your sons death.Please accept our sincere condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. God Bless.
Ches and Lena Davis Gambo NL, 17/04/2006

To the Button Family

We were shocked and saddened to learn that such a young life was cut short too soon. Our hearts go out to you and you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Linda, Tony, Angela, Andrea and Alison Facey, 17/04/2006

An old friend!

I wish I could say something to make this all better. I guess my message is for us all to take the time and remember a man for what he has done and how he has touched us all in many different ways. We all too often forget how to live, and losing someone teaches us that life is to be lived and enjoyed. I fell that death is only the beginning of a new journey, Ian is not gone now, he will always be here with us all, we may not see him but he is here. So we all need to think of Ian and laugh, as for this would be his wish i'm sure.
Cass Norman, Alliston On., 17/04/2006

To Dr. Button and Family

We are so saddened to hear of your great loss, Please know that our thoughts are with you and your family.
Anne, Brian , Doug & Ian Broderick , 17/04/2006

Dr. Button and family

Please accept our deepest sympathy at this most difficult time,our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Joyce and George Windsor, 17/04/2006

Eric, Judy & Family

We were so very sorry to hear of Ian's sudden passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time
Mary and Mike cheeseman, 17/04/2006

To The Button Family

We are so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. May it bring you some comfort to know how much others care. In our thoughts and cherished memories our loved ones will always be with us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
Linda & Jack Dwyer, 17/04/2006

Eric, Judy and family

We are deeply sadened to hear of your tragic loss and hope that you will find some comfort in the thoughts that are expressed in this tribute to your son Ian. Our thoughts and prayers are of you and your family. May you find inner strength at this trying time to keep going.
Dave & Linda Barton, 16/04/2006

The Button Family

We are so sorry & saddened to hear about Ian's sudden passing.We remember him growing up as a young boy accross from our grandmothers house,Christmas Eve services at the United Church & Scouts.We haven't seen Ian for a while but from reading from these messages it only goes to show what a remarkable person he had grown to be.It also shows a lot of his outstanding qualities as an individulal come from having such wonderful parents as Eric & Judy. Our thoughts & prayers are with you at this most difficult time.
Jackie & Gary Dalley, 16/04/2006

To Michelle, baby Button and the Button's Family,

Ian was a wonderful collegue. He was pleasant, always had a smile and the patience when he was showing me tips in Excel. He will be missed greatly. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Liliane Leroux, 16/04/2006

to the Button Family

I was very fortunate to know Ian at a young age. I can still remember laughing and smiling with him on a bus in Ireland. Please accept my deepest condolences.
Stephen Nichols, 16/04/2006

Ian`s Family

So sad and so sorry to hear about the passing of Ian. A big shock to everyone considering his age and fitness level. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Button Family during this trying time.
Todd Hodder, 16/04/2006

The Button Family

Our thoughts and prayers and with you at this time. May you find comfort in the happy memories.
Don and Mary Bartlett, 16/04/2006

He will be missed

I worked with Ian for a few years and am so sorry to hear of his passing. My sincere condolences. No matter how stressful the deadline or insane the day Ian always took the time to smile and listen. He had a beautiful sense of humour and a knack for putting people at ease. Just by passing his desk my shoulders would drop a couple of inches, inspired by his sense of calm. I am glad to have known him.
Sarah Wibberley, 16/04/2006

Eric, Judy & Family

We were saddened to hear of Ian's passing,our thoughts and prayes are with you at this difficult time.
Eugene & Goldie , 16/04/2006


My thoughts are with you all. May each day bring you peace and fond memories.
Jason Saunders, 16/04/2006

The BUTTON Family

My heart has been heavy ever since the day I heard the news of Ian's death. I send my condolences to all Ian's family and friends. Stay strong and cherish every memory you can recall. Feel them with passion. My prayers are with you.
Cst. Kathy HORWOOD Alberta, 06-04-15, 15/04/2006

To The Button Family:

We were so very sorry to hear of Ian's sudden and untimely death. Only those who have experienced such a tragedy can imagine what you must be feeling at this time, but we hope you can take some comfort from the support and prayers of all your family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.
Dave & Jean Sheppard, 15/04/2006

To the Buttons, Mark, Michelle and Baby Button

I am so very sorry to hear of Ian's passing. It has been many years since I have last seen Ian, but I was fortunate enough to have known him both through his brother Mark and through school in Gander. Ian was truly a wonderful person and was one of the nicest and most genuine perople one could ever meet. Please let your fond memories of Ian help you through this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Leanne Scott-McGuire, 15/04/2006


To the Button Family: Please accept our condolences on the sudden passing of Ian. You are all in our prayers and we extend our deepest sympathy in your time of great sorrow. With sincere regret, Bill and Dorothy Lambert
Bill and Dorothy Lambert, 15/04/2006

Eric, Judy and Family

We were saddened to hear of Ian's untimely passing. Hold on to the precious memories. God bless you during this difficult time.
Nellie & Mac Moss, 15/04/2006

The Button Family

There are simply no words to express how we feel about the sudden passing of Ian. The Button Family has been an important part of my life since I first arrived in Gander and has since grown to be a part of my new family. Ian started out as a neighbour and we later became members of the Gander Lakers swim club. Although many years have passed since My husband and I have seen Ian, we always saw updated photos in his father's office. He was the type of person that you didn't forget. Like so many people have mentioned before, if you knew him, even for a brief while, you couldn't forget his smile and love for life. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.
Susan, Shawn, Stephanie and Jennifer Roberts, 15/04/2006

To Michelle and family

We were so saddened to hear of Ian's passing. No words can express how we feel. Please find comfort in knowing that our thoughts are with you.
Aunt Lenore, Uncle Nelson, Aunt Jackie, Philip, Christine and Marcelle, 15/04/2006

The Button Family

I am deeply saddened to hear of Ian's passing you are in my thoughs and prayers.
Nancy Fleming(Saunders), 15/04/2006

The Button Family

I am sorry to hear of Ian's passing . Ian was a great guy. I am glad to have had the chance to know him. I got to know Ian from hanging out with his brother Mark, from cycling with him out to Jonathan's pond and through Scouts. An example of his competive nature was a time when our scout troop went to Ireland and played a game of soccer against a local scout troop in a field where sheep happened to graze. Despite "the suprises" the sheep had left in the field Ian was good to go. I have and always will remember Ian for his energy, his wit and all around great personality. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Button family.
Travis and Jodi Kelloway Winnipeg, Manitoba, 15/04/2006

Eric, Judy and Family

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
Myrtle & Dan Mahoney, 15/04/2006

The Button Family

We were saddened to hear of Ian's passing,Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. GOD BLESS
Gord & Bettu Burke, 15/04/2006

Button Family

It has deeply saddened me to hear of Ian's passing. It is very obvious to all who knew Ian what a great person he was. My memories of Ian are of him and my brother Rick spending hours and hours together in our backyard on Balbo. Although it has been years since seeing him, I know by hearing what others have said that he has stayed the same fun loving, strong, and all around awesome guy as he was when he was in our backyard. My heart is with all of you during this time, and I know that his child will be just as strong and full of life as he was.
Alyson Reid, 15/04/2006

To the Button Families

I was shocked to learn that Ian had so suddenly passed last week. Although myself and Mark have been good buddies for 5 or 6 years now, I never had the opportunity to meet him. Through story telling and a few laughs, it was apparent to me that he would have been a fun and absolute pleasure to be around. My thoughts are with your family during these trying times.
Sheldon Murphy, 15/04/2006

To Judy, Eric, Mark and Family

I could not believe the words I was hearing over the telephone as I heard of this tragic event. I am devastated! Judy and I engaged in many chats about our children as we enjoyed a round of golf therefore I felt like I knew Ian even though I had never met him. My heart is with all of you through this difficult time. I am sure that there can be no greater hurt than there is with the loss of your child and for you Mark, a loving brother. Ian has created many fond memories for you ... memories that will be reborn and live on in the life of his child.
Linda Branton, 14/04/2006

Dr. Button and Family

We're sorry to hear of Ian's passing. Ours thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
MArgaret and Pleman Manuel, Gander, 14/04/2006

To the Button Family

Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this very difficult time. My memory of Ian goes back to his Scouting days at Fraser Road United, in Gander. He was one of 14 boys who travelled to IRELAND with me nearly 20 years ago. The shock of Ian's passing has left a void in our hearts. May GOD guide and strengthen you during this time of such great sorrow.
Art and Sherry KELLOWAY, 14/04/2006

To the Button Family

There are no words to describe how saddened my heart is to hear of Ian's passing. I had the honour to work with Ian at the Gander Minor Soccer Program and also play Intramural Soccer with him my first year at Acadia...It was his spirit,drive and happy-go-lucky personality that made it such a pleasure to work with him each day. Coaching and playing along side Ian I got to see his true personality shine; he was so fun, patient, kind, determined and always had a smile on his face. My heart goes out to each of you.....It is the memories of Ian that we hold so dear, he will live forever in our hearts.
Krista (Boone) Murphy - Gander, 14/04/2006

The Button Family

It was on honor to have had spent so many hours with such a role model like Ian Button. Ian and I swam together for 6 years on the Gander flippers. We traveled together on swim meets around Atlantic Canada. I was much younger then most of the guys who went to compete. As a younger person he showed me what a class act was by always treating me like one of guys and with respect. Ian was the technical guru of our swim team. As a junior swimmer I would try to mimic his dives and his technique. Ian was a very strong training partner; he could out kick anybody on the flutter board, he was a master at the backstroke; Ian could execute a backstroke turn with perfection. I spent a lot of time at practices asking Ian to teach me how to execute his turn and he helped me until I got it. I’ve spoken to Ian a few times around Ottawa since I moved here and he has never changed, it saddens me deeply to think that he is no longer with us. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and child.
Stephen Suley, 14/04/2006

The Button Family

May the many beautiful memories help ease your sadness and comfort you at this difficult time. Sincere sympathy
Mabel Manuel, 14/04/2006

Our Deepest Sympathy to you...

We would like to offer our deepest sympathy's to you all. We just arrived in gander this past wednesday to attend the funeral of Paul's late grandmother (Amy Smith), when we heard about your loss......It is never easy to lose a loved one in any circumstance. Our thoughts are with you ....... Paul, Caprice, Marc-André, Karrah and Brooke Burry (London, Ontario)
Paul & Caprice Burry, 14/04/2006

Re Ian's passing

Sorry to hear of Ian's passing. We extend our heartfelt sympathy and prayers. Pauline & Ed Kelly
Dr Button, Judy & family, 14/04/2006

Eric, Judy, Mark, Michelle and Baby

Please accept our deepest sympathy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this most difficult time.
Lloyd & Gertie Granter, Gander NL, 14/04/2006

The Buttons, Michelle and baby Button

As parents and partners we can only imagine what you must be going thru. Just know that the thoughts and prayers of those in our community are with you all in this most difficult time.
Tara & Bob Pollett, Gander NL, 14/04/2006

To Judy and family

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Ian's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this tragic time in your lives. Sincere condolences. Dale
Dale Stockley, 14/04/2006

Best wishes for the next race up there Ian

Just when you think you might catch one of those young guys, he's gone. Way too soon for Ian. Like Charlie, I swam with and sometimes next to Ian and saw right away he would be unto faster lanes. I had the opportunity to swim with Ian last summer during the summer program....guess I should say I swam behind - much behind Ian for most of the time....but like the good guy he was, he waited for the old guy swimming in his lane!
Frank Perks, 14/04/2006

Ian's wife, family and friends

As a long-time Masters coach and swimmer, I quickly target new faces and names on the deck, heat sheets, etc. I noticed Ian first swimming a 1500 FR at a Technosport meet a couple of years back. His stroke was calm and controlled. His personality was just that but along with a happiness that made him approachable, undiscerning, and communicable on a most enjoyable level. I, too, was at the meet on Sat.Apr.8 where it was evident he was still passionate and ever improving. His presence in the Masters swimming arena will be unmatched, and the absence of his quiet exhuberance is unnerving. My deep sympathies go out to Michelle, Ian's family and his deer friends.
Danny Finch, 14/04/2006

Deepest Sympathy

Dear Eric, Judy, Mark, & Michelle I cannot begin to find words to express our sorrow for your loss. Ian and Mark swam on the same swim team with our son Dean and daughter Wendy. I remember his smile and pleasant personality most of all. He was admired by all and needless to say will be greatly missed. I know he would have been a terrific father! Reading the messages that have been posted here certainly makes me realize that his "special being" was spread near and far. Our prayers are with you all.
Pat & Lynn Hammond, 14/04/2006

The Button Family

We are very sorry to hear of Ian's death. Please accept our condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
John and Ruth Dyke, 14/04/2006

Dr. Button and family

I wish to express my condolences during this sudden and tragic time in your lives. May you find inner peace and joy in your future grandchild.
Stephanie Belbin originally of Gander, 14/04/2006

Dr. Button and Family

We are so sorry for your great loss. Although we didn't know Ian,we know his father as a kind & compassionate man. From the many beautiful messages people have written it is obvious that Ian had the same wonderful characteristics. No words can express the loss your are feeling. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Another angel is now watching over all of you. Pat & Leo Brazil Gander
Pat and Leo Brazil, 14/04/2006

The Button Family

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy at this very difficult time.Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Ray and Eliza Lush, 14/04/2006

Eric, Judy, Mark and Michelle

Very to sorry to hear of Ian's death. Our thoughts are with you, please accept our condolences.
Jack & Malba Butt, 14/04/2006

To Judy, Eric and Family

Sorry to hear the news about Ian's passing. We are thinking about you at this time.
Cindy & Eve Green (Gander), 14/04/2006

To Michelle

I remember when Ian joined Nepean Masters. At his first swim he started out in my lane and it was obvious that he wouldn't be there long. He soon moved to a faster lane and it was great watching his talent in all strokes. Later, at club executive meetings, I appreciated his sense of humour and logical mind. For all of us, whenever our time is up, we hope that others will say, "It's too bad he (or she) is gone." So many people have expressed this about Ian, and we are all saddened at his early passing.
Charlie Colpitts, 14/04/2006

Condolences to the Button family

To the Button Family: There are no expressions or words of comfort to offer you in this tragedy of Ian's sudden passing. I want you all to know that you are ever in my prayers at this time of your great sorrow. With deepest regret, Lenora Noseworthy
Lenora Noseworthy, 14/04/2006

Michelle & Baby

I met Ian through my husband, Scott who worked and biked with Ian over the years. Ian was a very kind, considerate, honest person who seemed very comfortable with who he was. I often told my husband that Ian reminded me of a younger version of my father, who has these same qualities. I think that is why I liked him right away. I am very proud to have got to know Ian and yourself over the years. He will be missed. It is a great compliment to his character to see how many lives he has touched in a positive way.
Karen & Hannah Young, 14/04/2006

To the Button Family

I have been sad since I heard on Monday. I am very sorry for your loss. Ian was a fine gentleman. I remember him well from school and especially from the Gander Flippers years (grades 5-6 for me). Ian was decent to all.
Phil LeFeuvre, 14/04/2006

To Button Family

John and I were so shocked to hear the news of Ian's passing. I knew Ian because we both worked together one summer coaching Minor Soccer in Gander. John knew Ian because they attended high school together. We both remember Ian as a strong, smart and super kind individual. He will truly be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Michelle and the Button Family at this difficult time.
Alison and John O\'Brien, 14/04/2006

sincerest sympathies to Ian's family

I first met Ian at Acadia University. We played badminton and he got me involved in playing intramural soccer on his team. We were good friends and I am deeply saddened and shocked to hear of his passing. Ian is a wonderful person inside and out. He is patient, caring and kind. I will never forget his wonderful smile and his shining eyes. Michelle and baby to be, Ian's mom, dad and brother Mark, please know that my thoughts are with you all and Ian will never be forgotten. He was a shining star.
Pam Davignon, 14/04/2006

To Dr. Eric & Judy Button, Michelle and Bb. Button

We would like to send our sincere condolences to the family of Dr. Button on untimely passing of IAN BUTTON.Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very difficult time. For sure "Ian's spirit lives on and always will and his legacy will live on". GOD BLESS.
Tom & Ester Scott (Gander), 14/04/2006

Ian Button

When we were 13 we joined the soccer team that Ian coached. Soccer was not a sport with strong traditions in Gander and many of us had problems with some skill or another. Ian took the time to pull us all aside individually and give us instruction in that particular skill we had trouble with. He truly just wanted us to become better players and to increase our love for the game. He was always so interested and availible, for every practice, every summer. If he had not taken that amount of time with us many of us would likely have quit soccer that first year; instead of still loving and being active in the game to this day. He spread his knowledge and skill to our entire team over the next 4 years as he stayed on as our coach as our team got older. We all owe him so much. Our only comfort is in knowing that his coming baby will be as great a person as he was.
Sushil Sancheti, 13/04/2006

Michelle, Baby to Come and Family

Ian was a special man and we will all miss him. While quiet at times, he always had a great sense of humour and it was a joy to be around him. Even after his decision to leave our swim lane and join those (crazy) morning keeners, we made sure Ian remained part of our lane's social activities. Michelle you and your child, as Ian was, will always be honourary lane members! Our thoughts are with you.
Roger Ermuth and Family, 13/04/2006

The Button Family

I knew Ian from Gander. He was our biker, on our Surf 'n Turf team, when we competed during the Gander Day celebrations, in the mid nineties. Ian was a very pleasant and quiet individual, who always had a smile for you. A dedicated competitor, Ian touched us all.Baby Button will be a better person, having Ian for a dad.Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this time.
Kevin Foley, 13/04/2006

The Button Family

Like many others, I have fond memories of Ian from growing up in Gander and am both shocked and saddened at the news of his passing. I also had the privilege of spending time with Ian during my university years as we both attended Acadia during the mid-90's. Baby Button: please know that your father was a spirited and kind person, respected by all, and a dear friend to many. Eric, Judy, Mark & Michelle: our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time.
Greg Lush & Family, 13/04/2006


I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Ian's passing. I had the privalge of knowing Ian as his Group A coach. Ian was a positive and caring individual with a quick and ready smile. My thoughts are with the family.
David Anderson, 13/04/2006

To Dr. Button, Judy and Family

I have no words to describe how shocked I was to hear of Ian's death. I never knew Ian but saw his picture everyday in his fathers office. From working with Dr. Button, I saw that he had a different kind of relationship with his sons in that they were more like best friends and I thought that was really cool.
Joanne Elliott, 13/04/2006

Ian lit up every room

Ian Button was always smiling. You could not find a person that had something bad to say about Ian Button. He was a fine example of a human being - kind and thoughtful - he enjoyed life. This tragic news breaks my heart.
A friend, 13/04/2006

Eric, Judy & family

Please accept our most sincere and heartfelt sympathy on the death of Ian. As we had not met him personally, we hear that he was a wonderful young man. We are grateful to those who had sent us this site where we could send you, all his family, this message right away. God bless all of you....with kindest thoughts.
Edward & Yvonne Burke & Family, 13/04/2006

Baby Button, Michelle, Mark, Dr. & Mrs. Button

It was heart wrenching to hear about this tragedy. I went to school with Ian in Gander and he was a great person; very kind, compassionate and fun. I hope in later years that Ian and Michelle's child can read these messages about the type of person their father was and know that there is an endless amount love and support for you. Sincere condolences to all of Ian's family at such a sad and difficult time.
Wendy Edison, 13/04/2006

our condolences

we were so sorry to hear of ians sudden passing. our thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrible time.
jerry and shirley hussey, 13/04/2006

Eric and Judy,Michelle ,Mark and new baby

We are so shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Ian. No words can express how much we wish we could help you through this trying time. We all remember Ian for his kindness he showed to the other swimmers on the swim team in Gander .Growing up in a small town allowed all of us to know him as a gander boy we could be proud of!! We saw him in the mall opening doors for seniors or standing just watching a little child hide from his mother and smiled with those beautiful bright eyes he was blessed with. Mark always looked after his little brother when we were all travelling with the swim team even if it was at a distants Mark what a good brother you were to Ian .Judy and Eric Ian was Blessed with wonderful parents how lucky was he and Michelle you must be very special because Ian chose to spend his life with you that baby will be loved always by everyone in Gander. God Bless you; our prayers are with you all.
John and Eileen Suley, 13/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

I had the pleasure of serving on the NMSC Executive last year with Ian and of seeing him on deck and in the pool at the morning swims. Ian was a quiet yet self-confident guy who you instantly felt at ease with. He gave off such positive energy that you couldn't help but feel a little brighter after even the briefest interaction with him. When I think of him it will always be with a smile on his face because that's the way I saw him most. He seemed to enjoy every moment of life, and he will be an ongoing inspiration to me to do the same. Michelle - I've never had the pleasure of meeting you but my heart goes out to you and your baby to be. I hope as the days go by you will take comfort that a part of Ian's wonderful spirit will go on in your child to be. I know I do.
Stephanie Moscrip, 13/04/2006

To Michelle and the Button family

As many have mentioned before me, I had the pleasure of growing up and attending school with Ian in Gander. It greatly saddened me to hear of Ian's passing. Ian will always be remembered as one of the most genuine people from my youth. He was a caring, humble and giving soul. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Teena (Greening) Jarvis, 13/04/2006

To Ian's family

My sincere condolences on your tragic loss. I first met Ian through the Nepean Masters Swim Club a couple of years ago after I returned to the pool following more than 15 years on "dry land". Ian was a wonderful athlete and excellent role model. Ian was always quick with words of praise and encouragement at just the right time and he was always in good humour in the pool, no matter the hour (even at 6:30am on a cold, wintry Saturday morning). It was truly a pleasure to watch Ian swim ... he made it look so effortless. I hope you find comfort in knowing that Ian has made such a lasting impression on so many people. The world has lost a great guy. Wishing you strength and peace in the days ahead.
Nancy Parkhill, 13/04/2006

Dr. Button,Judy,& Michelle

As a wife and parent I can only imagine the devastation you must feel at this time. I only hope that you can draw strength from each other and from the support of great friends,and find a way to continue forward. Our deepest sympathies, Christine & Wayne
Christine & Wayne Suley, 13/04/2006

To Ian's Family

Please accept our deepest sympathies at this time. Ian was, simply put, an incredible person. It was over the course of a number of summers watching his level of care and dedication that he showed both to he kids as well as to the instructors in the Gander Minor Soccer program that I really came to know Ian. Ian gave one hundred percent to anything that he took on as a duty. I'll always remember the smile, the dedication and the wonderful person that I came to know him as being.
Brian, Cathy and Mike Mosher, 13/04/2006

Dear Judy,Eric,Mark,Michelle & Baby

We are so shocked to hear about the sudden passing of your beloved Ian.We will always remember Ian on the beach at Butts Pond as a young boy!We will never forget him having a grandson Ian living in Ottawa as well and turns out that he is quite the little swimmer at 5 years old.We just want you to know that out thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time and you are all on our mind constantly.Kelly is hoping to visit you on Friday. Love Muriel & Herb
Muriel & Herb Moorcroft, 13/04/2006

To Mr and Mrs Button, Mark, Michelle and baby

I had the great pleasure of growing up and going to school in Gander with Ian. For as long as I can remember, Ian was an active member of the community along with being a very dedicated athlete. I know that he was part of several sports teams over the years including a strong presence on the swim team but what I remember most is his love and dedication to cycling. To this day, any time that I see a group of cyclists I immediately rewind back to high school and admire Ian’s devotion and commitment to the sport. I am confident that for years to come I will carry these feelings with me. It is with great sadness that we lose such a wonderful person and I know he will be missed by many. Please accept our deepest sympathies and know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Jessica & John Woolfrey, San Diego CA, 13/04/2006

To Ian, Michelle and Baby

The day I met this man...Ian Button, I thought to myself, what a unique could you forget that name? As in a name...Ian was just as unique as a person. From that day 7 or 8 years ago, I consider myself lucky to say that Ian and I became close friends. Throughout this time, I was greeted to the introduction of a man that anyone would be honored to have the qualities of. He was strong in everything he attempted, he was a kind and giving honest person, he was brave and courageous, he was a smart person who could accomplish anything...he was a man that I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to describe. People lucky enough to have Ian in their hearts would say the same and more. I was also honored in meeting a beautiful person of the same qualities as Ian...his wife Michelle, together they were one. I would like to thank Ian for showing me determination and quality of life. Wherever you are right now Ian, I am thinking of you, I will miss everything about you, I will miss our laughs, I will miss my riding partner. Every time I get on my bike, you will be along side me, every time my daughter buttons up her PJ's, saying, one button, two button, Ian Button...I will remember you. You will never be forgotten Ian, I hope you have a bike with you...another place, another time, we will go for a ride.
Scott Young, 13/04/2006

To Judu, Eric And Families

You have been in our thoughts & prayers since hearing of Ian's passing. Our sincere condolences.
Eileen & Lorne Elms, 13/04/2006

Eric and Judy Button and Family

Sincere condolences on your tragic loss. May our thoughts and prayers comfort you at this difficult time.
Bernard and Anita Howard, 13/04/2006

To Ian's family

I would like to send my condolences to Ians family on this trajic occation.As we all know Ian was a SUPER nice person as well as an outstanding athlete and it is hard to believe that this could happen to such a Great human being.I would like to send my prayers to his family to help them get through this difficult time.
Steve Rafuse, 13/04/2006

The Button Family

We were so sad to hear of Ian's sudden passing last week. I grew up with Mark in Gander and knew Ian mainly through his older brother. As many other messages indicate Ian is an exceptional person, and we want to express our sincere sympathy to the entire family.
Sheldon and Paula (nee Parsons)Cull, 13/04/2006

To the Button Family

I cannot express how floored I was to hear the news of Ian's passing. I know that God has a plan for all of us, but to take someone at such an early age, one so full of life, it just doesn't seem fair. The times growing up on Balbo, and the times "in the woods" behind Gander Academy will always be held dear in my heart. To Eric, Judy, Mark, Michelle, and Baby Button, know that our hearts, minds, and prayers are with you in your time of grief.
Rick and Treena Reid, 13/04/2006

To Ian's Family

We are so sad for your loss and wish to express our deepest sympathy to all of you. We had the privilege of knowing Ian through his older brother Mark. We all went to school together. Ian, if we could give you one thing in life, it would be the ability to see yourself as others see you, then you would realize what a truly special and loved person you are. Michelle, although we have never met, our hearts goes out to you. Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow. During this difficult time, may you feel God's loving arms around you!
Tobi Hewlin & Tara Fitzgerald (The Butt Twin's), 13/04/2006

Baby Button...

I've had the pleasure of knowing your family. As a younger man, I grew up in Gander and was friends with your Uncle Mark, and your Grandfather was my family doctor. As we grew older I had the pleasure of meeting your mother. I have fond memories of photographing your parents on their wedding day. Your father was the kind of father all children would like to have, and most men aspire to be. He was kind, he was strong, and he had many friends. As you grow older I'm sure you will have many questions about him. But if you look to your family, you will see what a wonderful man he was. As I'm sure they will see him when they look at you.
Trevor Lush & Family, 13/04/2006

Michelle, Judy, Eric & Mark

We can still her Ian's voice, see his smile and feel his exuberance for life. His spirit has impacted everybody he met as shown by these amazing tributes. Michelle, we love you and cherish every moment we've spent with you and Ian. To Baby Button: You father was a very intelligent young man ("a detail man") who constantly amazed us with his achievements. We look forward to sharing our memories with you, as Ian has taught us the value of family ties. It is not the length of life that matters, but the depth. Love, Uncle Don and Aunt Nina
Don and Nina Graham, 13/04/2006

To Dr. Button and Family

We are so saddened by this sudden occurance. We did not know Ian personally but, from talking to people who did, he was a fine individual. We hope it comforts you to know that we are sharing your sorrow and that our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God Bless you and give you strength.
Ken and Kathryn Slaney and Family, 13/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

I Knew Ian and his family from the Gander Swim Team and growing up in Gander, he always was a great supporter for everyone and good teammate. I would like to pass along my deepest sympathies to his family.
Jennifer Suley, 13/04/2006

To Ian's family

It is with deep sadness that I write this tribute, but Ian was a special person who touched the lives of all who met him. I first met Ian when he was a teenager and came to St. John's to try out for the cycling team that would represent the Province at the Atlantic Coast Games in 1991. Not only did he make the team but he was a strong part of it. A wonderful rabbit. All cyclists will know how important a rabbit is to the team. He was a team member that summer and again two years later at the Canada Summer Games. He also proved to be a good leader and organizer. Long after the Games were over Ian kept in touch (I still have the photo album he put together for me)and came to visit me one afternoon with his wife. Now to Michelle, her special baby and Ian's parents and brother I say remember the love Ian had for you all. Love is the greatest gift of all. Keep it warm in your heart. God bless you and keep you. Sincerely, Julia Mathieson
Julia Mathieson, 13/04/2006

To Ian and his family

I was very saddened to hear about Ian's untimely death. I'm still in shock. He was someone that I had just met a few times in passing but was always inspired with his zest for life and his ability to become an instant friend to those that he met. I would often see Ian around the KoS triathlon circuit freely giving his time and energy to those around him. Very, very sad to see him go, but his memory will certainly live on with those that he touched.
Peter Lloyd, 13/04/2006

To Eric, Judy, & family.

I can only remember the boys as being much younger. It was with great sadness and shock that I learned of Ian,s death. My heart and my soul is saddened for all of you. also mark and Michelle. Maybe this little baby[ part of Ian] can help heal some of the pain. Loseing a child has to be one of the greatest losses, that one has to endure. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. God Bless. Marcey Kane13/o4/2006.
Marcey Kane, 13/04/2006

To Ian's family

Ian impressed me on so many levels. He was, of course, a superb athlete. I have had the pleasure of swimming, cycling and even running with Ian. I was frankly envious of his natural athletic skills. He was also a person that would step forward to help and then do an exemplary job. I recently commented to someone that I pitied the person that took over the position of registrar with the swim club, because Ian was doing such an amazing job. But most of all, it was Ian’s personality that made him stand out. You couldn’t help but like him and he seemed to like everyone he met. I believe it is safe to say that there are many many people that are proud to say that Ian was their friend.
Tersh Doe, 13/04/2006

To Eric & Judy and family

No words can express the sorrow we feel for you and all your family. You have been in our thoughts and prayers every day. From all the wonderful comments we have read about Ian, his baby will be so richly blessed.
Sharon, Glenn, Sara & Garrett Blandford, 13/04/2006

Remembering Ian...

Ian and I first met in Gander Collegiate. It was in 1991, I was a brand new teacher and he was in my class. Like many others, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Ian is his smile. He was a great student, intelligent, easy to get along with... one to remember. It was around that time that he decided to "take up" cycling. After being named to the Canada Games team, he had to be coaxed to talk about it. Not cocky, not boastful, totally humble and gracious. Don't take that as meaning that he was passive, on the contrary, I remember playing soccer against him a few years later and witnessed first hand that ferocious competitor within. I admired that he played with passion, he was fun to play against. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of Ian in recent years. However, visits to his dad's office were usually an opportunity to check up on Ian's recent exploits. Hearing Eric talk about Ian it was obvious that he was a proud father... for good reason. Please accept my deepest condolences and sympathy.
Steve LeDrew, 13/04/2006


I had the pleasure and honor of growing up with Ian in Gander. As you all know Ian was a first class, top notch guy and he will be missed greatly. I got to know Ian very well especially during our 3 years of High School where we shared the same home room class together. I have nothing but fond memories of these times with Ian and my thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family on such a tragic loss.
Rob Elms, Calgary AB, 13/04/2006

We'll miss you.

Ian, what can I say? You're brother and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. As such, I've seen your comings and goings, I've watched you grow, always quiet and swift, always smiling and pleasant. Only positive things could ever be said about you. You were a prince of a man, and we should all aspire to be as good as you were. We'll miss you buddy, until we meet again.
john king, 13/04/2006

Fellow Triathlete and Newfoundlander

I did not personally know Ian, but have been on Triathlon courses with him over the years. I only recently knew he was also form the good Island Of Newfoundland where I am from. All i can think of is how he was doing what he enjoyed doing and that I will remember him when doing what I enjoy also. I am reading all these wonderful tributes to how great a person he was, and I am now sadly thinking that I wish I knew him. The measure of a man seems to me the size of the impact that he has on those around him, and the amount of love and compassion that he generates when he is gone. Men of Ian's stature in the world in general are few and far between. He will be missed by people that didn't even know him. His athletic ability was amazing, ans I suspect his new baby will carry on in his footsteps, as a great human being.
Blair Maddock, 13/04/2006

Dr. Button,Judy,Mark and Michelle

I remember Ian as a student at Gander Collegiate and as a very active athlete in the community. His desire to achieve , coupled with his quiet, pleasant personality made him one of the finest students to graduate from our school. His contribution to the development of minor soccer in Gander will never be forgotten. Whatever Ian took on you could be certain that he would do it with commitment and dedication. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
George Wright, 13/04/2006

For Michelle, Baby Button, Family and Friends of Ian

I didn't know Ian personally although I had met him at one of meetings a year or so ago. At times, emails would come from him b/c of registration stuff. My experience of Ian was that he was always very professional and prompt with information. I swim with group B in the evenings and heard about him passing away this past Tuesday night. I know it affected my whole swim that night, it was almost like his spirit was very much there with us and pushed me through the water almost effortlessly as we dedicated a 200 fly to him as he was planning on swimming in the upcoming meet. What he did, he did with passion and he did well from what I experienced. I am sad that I didn't have more opportunity to know him. My condolences to the many family and friends of Ian, especially to his unborn child who won't have a chance to know his/her father in the way we all so much need to know that key person. I think this website is a great idea and I hope that Baby Button will gain a lot from it. I am sorry Michelle, for your huge loss. I am a mom with two little girls and can really feel your pain and sadness. Many prayers to you.
Sherry Turner, 13/04/2006

Ian's Family

Ian was a joy to teach.He was the kind of student that Physical Educators everywhere would love to have in class. A great role model; a great student .My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.
Bob Dyckson, 13/04/2006

Mr & Mrs Button, Mark, Michelle & Baby

So saddened and shocked to hear about Ian. Met Ian early on in elementary school and grew up with Ian throughout all of our school days in Gander. What a great person… a truly genuine nice person. Would do anything for you. Thinking of all your family and wishing you all the warmest thoughts during this difficult time. You will be in our prayers. Ian – you will be missed.
Jason, Renee and Marcus Paterson, 13/04/2006

The Button Family

Words cannot express our sorrow .Our prayers are with you at this difficult time.
Richard and Janet Carrol, 13/04/2006

Michelle and Baby Button

I had the great fortune to grow up knowing Ian in Gander, and have some great memories. I was so saddened when I found out about his passing. I am praying for you during this time. He was one of the nicest people you could ever meet and a great friend. My thoughts are with you. Ian, you will be so deeply missed.
Jason Hussey, 13/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

I have not had the privilege of knowing Ian , but I work at the Clinic with Dr. Button and know what wonderful people both him and Judy are, so i can only imagine the kind person Ian was. Please accept my condolences on the lost of your husband/friend. No doubt, the loving memories you have will help you heal in time. Remember the love you both felt when you found out you were going to bring a new life into the world? That, in time, will bring you lots of happiness as you watch your child grow into a beauitful person as i'm sure you are, and Ian was. My thoughts are with you and your family
Barb Humphries, Gander 12/04/2006, 13/04/2006

Judy Eric and Family

I was deeply saddened to hear about Ian. I remember Ian and Mark as little boys occaisionally popping in at the office. I've enjoyed hearing of his acheivments over the years.He will be greatly missed by so many. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless. Joan
Joan Lowe, 13/04/2006

Acadia Connections and more

I remember Ian as being kinda quiet, although not really shy as you would expect. He was very friendly to talk to and always had a big smile on his face. Whenever anyone mentioned Gander, NFLD it always made me think of him because he was the only person I ever knew who lived there, until a few years later when I met his friend Craig Haines. At that point I just assumed that everyone in Gander knew everyone else and that you were all a friendly bunch! It just shows that it is a small world and that Ian managed to touch a lot of people while on it. My thoughts are with the Button family at this difficult time.
Janis Goldsmith, 13/04/2006

Judy, Eric & Family

We are so shocked and saddened to hear of Ian's death,our prayers and thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
Howard and Ada Butt, 13/04/2006

to eric judy mark & jennifer michelle & baby button

Words can notexpress the sympathy we feel for all familes at this time you have been forever in our mind and prayers& will continue to be in the days ahead.Ian was special to us as we spent many hours travelling and on deck at the nl pools especially with the Gander Flippers.We hope the present of God will substain you in the difficult days ahead
Betty Clarence & family, 13/04/2006

Judy, Eric and Mark and Michelle

Sharon and George Wright, 13/04/2006

The Button Family

My Sincere condolences for your loss. I was shocked and saddened to hear of Ian's passing. I have nothing but fond and wonderful memories of growing up with Ian in Gander. It is certainly evident by all the beautiful messages that Ian was a wonderful person who touched many lives. My thoughts are with you all during this difficult time.
Kelly Abbott, 13/04/2006

To Michelle

Always a smile, one of warmth and sincerity; that is the only way I can picture Ian. I had the pleasure of swimming with Ian when he was in the 'A' group. Last year, when I was unable to properly print my registration form, he sought me out at our practice with a good copy. Never a complaint about coming out in the evening when he probably had a morning practice a few hours later - just a bit of good-humoured teasing. I believe he approached everything with that good nature which had a positive effect on all those around him. May our memories of Ian someday help his and your child know what a fine man his/her father was.
Cathy Merritt, 12/04/2006

To Ian's son or daughter to be

I am a former Nepean Master Swim Club Coach and swimmer. I was fortunate enough to have had some brief chats with Ian, swam with him on the odd occassion and coached him from time to time. I can tell you as both coach and team mate we, our swim club and community, were incredibly lucky to have someone like him amongst us. He worked hard and was always focused. He was professional in every sense as an athlete, team mate and community member. I believe he is with you watching you grow.
Tom Papai, 12/04/2006

To Baby Button and Family

I have been waiting for the right words to come to me to express how I feel about Ian's passing but in the end, each of us posting a message here knows how special and unique Ian was. Whether we knew him as son, brother, husband, father-to-be, friend, teammate, lanemate, athlete, what we are all trying to say is that he was a genuine, friendly, supportive, determined, kind, generous, caring, happy person and each of us will remember many great moments with Ian. I will forever remember counting his 1500m Free at 2005 Nationals and being graciously rewarded with a chocolate muffin for having been soaked by his 30 flip turns - perhaps payback for having scared the pants off him on the drive up to Toronto. I will remember the blue tape he wore for months in spite of the teasing, the cyclist's tan lines that lasted well into winter, he and I both 'choosing' to do a 400m IM in practice, his encouraging words about the progress I was making at the pool, and the email he sent me - a fellow flyer out of the pool due to injury - saying "I think I might actually be looking forward to doing the 200 (fly) at provincials now…" after a particularly good practice. Most importantly, what I will remember about Ian was the proud look on his face when he announced that Baby Button was on the way and the smile on his face on every mention thereafter. Let us find within ourselves the strength to support those most affected by this loss. In the hearts of many, Ian will not be forgotten.
Nathalie Belair Jones, 12/04/2006

To Ian's family

I don't believe that I ever met Ian. I'm from Oakville Ontario, and heard the news today from Rob Nash and could not believe that such tragedy could occur to such a nice young person and family man. My deepest sympathies go to Ian's family.
Paul Rego, 12/04/2006

Remembering Ian

Ian was a phenomenal athlete. I swam many mixed relays with Ian at Winterlude, Provincials and Nationals. Ian was able to create an amazing balance between being serious and competative and being a down-to-earth happy guy. His silent strength was a motivation and I have always respected him for that. Whether it was on the pool deck or on the racing block, I wanted to try my very best to swim harder and faster when I was in his presence. I feel priviledged to have known him. Michelle, motherhood is the most amazing experience, embrace it with all you have got!
Shannon Holt, 12/04/2006

Mr & Mrs Button, Mark, Michelle & Baby

Thinking of you with heartfelt sympathy, I am so very sorry for your loss. I am so deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Ian's passing. I had the honour and pleasure of attending high school with Ian. I will always remember Ian as being a kind, gentle, happy go lucky, healthy person with a generous nature and a great sense of humor. You are continually in my thoughts and prayers.
Kimberly Ivany-Williamson, 12/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

I have had the honour of knowing your husband and father from growing up in Gander, it is with great sadness and dismay that I hear of his passing. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all. With deepest sympathy, Jeremy Loveman Deer Lake,NL
Jeremy Loveman & Family, 12/04/2006


Up until this NMSC swim year, I used the same location in the locker room on every swim day, right across from where Ian would change. Ian, Gord and I were always talking about Ian's next adventure - be it a long cycle ride or a triathlon in Newfoundland. Just the normal stuff you talk about every day at 5:45AM before swimming - job hunting, house hunting, NMSC executive issues or whether the roads were yet ready for cycling. Two years ago, when I was training for a triathlon, Ian took me up to Gatineau hills for a training ride. I felt like the old guy with the young kids. But Ian was just so easygoing - he made everyone around him relaxed, even though he had that inner strength and competitiveness that you just really admire. But always in the most playful spirit. I haven't swam much with the club this year. I did not know that Ian was going to be a new dad. Ian, thank you for the moments we shared, how short and long ago they now seem.
Dan Lesage, 12/04/2006

To Eric, Judy and family

Our thoughts are with you at this most difficult time. The loss of a child at any age is tragic to parents, as well to Ian's wife, Michelle. We are praying for your family and we hope that the arrival of baby Button will give you confort in the days ahead.
Ron & Georgina Luedee, Gander, NL., 12/04/2006

To Ian's memory

What can one say in response to such an unfortunate and definately overly premature passing? Ian, I only knew you briefly as a morning swimmer in those 'other' lanes last year but I was always inspired by your vision, energy and presence. You will always be remembered as a really good person and a fine human being. Your volunteering for the demanding executive job of registrar was, I'm sure, greatly appreciated by all members, but as a former executive member myself, I really appreciate the responsibility and time commitment this offer entailed. For Michelle, although I've never met you, my heart goes out to you in this difficult time. For baby Button, you have a wonderful role model to always cherish. He will always be with both of you, you know. The outpouring of these messages shows just how deeply and widely Ian's influence reached. I wish you peace.
Anne Cole, 12/04/2006

Dr. and Mrs. Button, Mark, Michelle and Baby,

Sincere sympathies for your loss. I had the pleasure of attending school with Ian in Gander and was very saddened to hear of his passing. Michelle, I would like you and your baby to know what a genuine, kind and sincere fellow Ian was all through school. He was the rare kind in high school who was friends with everyone and truly a nice guy to everyone he came in contact with. And his smile was the best. I have no doubt he carried these same qualities into adulthood. Thinking of you all at this sad time...
Bettina Ford, 12/04/2006

Our Sympathy

We wish to express our sympathy to you, Judy, and your family.We hope Ian's memory will comfort you in these difficult times.
Ron, Arlene and Michael Muir, Bedford NS, 12/04/2006

Cousin Judy, Eric and Mark and Aunt Eileen

I'm so sad for your loss and what you must be going through. Judy, I couldn't believe it when your Mom called to give Tiffany and I this most unfortunate news of Ian. It's so difficult to understand why such a tragedy could occur. Living in Halifax all these years has created a distance which didn't allow me to get to know Ian. When I read all of the wonderful, kind comments from so many friends and relatives it is obvious I missed knowing a great young man,son and grandson. My thoughts are with you, Love Cousin Lynn
Lynn (Muir) Steel, 12/04/2006

To Eric, Judy, and the Button Family

We are shocked and saddened to hear of Ian's sudden passing. Ian's life touched a great many people, and the many messages of love and respect speak of the impact that Ian had on all those who knew him. Judy, your cousins here in Halifax share in your grief, and our thoughts are of you and all of Ian's family during these difficult days.
Jim, Jacky, Chelsea, and Shannon Muir, 12/04/2006


There are no words to properly describe my great shock on hearing yesterday the terrible news of Ian’s passing; and woefully inadequate will be these words too in trying to console you and help you to come to terms with this dreadful loss. There cannot be a much worse event than a good and loved life taken at its prime and a fresh young family broken at its commencement. I have seen it before with a colleague, and never wanted to see it again. But if in your deep grieving you can perceive that you are not alone, that there are so so many of us grieving with you, then maybe some of the tears can be shared and become half tears, as the saying goes. On the basis of my various swimming-related contacts with Ian over the last five years I can only repeat what others have indicated: that he was always cheerful, friendly, assured, helpful, intelligent, humorous, considerate and vitally alive, a truly fine person well liked by all who met him. He will be sorely missed, but no life is lived in vain, and if your child can assume both his and your great qualities then the world can surely become an even better place than it was with Ian in it. My deepest sympathies and best wishes.
Mike Sandoz, 12/04/2006

The Button Family

It is with heavey hearts that we write this message. We both grew up with Ian in Gander. He will truly be missed by all who's life he touched. Our thought and prayers are with you all during this difficult time
Graham and Ruth Tweedie, 12/04/2006


The news was felt by anyone who knew him. Played Soccer with Ian back in Gander. All the best to his Family.
Phil Oake, 12/04/2006

The Button Family

There are no words to express the feelings in ours hearts for your family at this time. Please know you are in our thoughts and our prayers.
Pat and Terry Oake, 12/04/2006

Button Family

We were shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Ian's death. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all during this most difficult time in your lives.
Glenda & Kevin Peddle, 12/04/2006


Like a ray of sunlight he did shine, it was his smile that made him gentle and kind. Like a swift river he could go, he was a fantastic athlete as we all did know. Like the Rocky Mountains he did stand, without a doubt he was an amazing and accomplished man. Like the playful dog he had as a kid, he was full of surprising and good-natured wit. Like the warmth of a gentle summer’s wind, he was undoubtedly a deeply caring friend. Like the feeling of fresh, glistening snow outside, everyone who knew him admired him with pride. Although he was at peace on April 9 when he did go, we’ll all miss him more than he will ever know. And while our friend has untimely passed, we’ll never forget him – our memories will last.
A friend, 12/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

I would like to offer you my sincere condolences on your tragic loss. I was shocked at the news of Ian's sudden passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Alex MacMillan, 12/04/2006

Judy, Eric, Mark, Michelle and Baby Button

We are so deeply shocked and saddened to hear of Ian's untimely passing. We've been honored to know Ian and have many fond memories of him as he was a good friend of our son Jeff for many years. May you all find some comfort in knowing that so many others are thinking about you during this most difficult time. May Ian's kind spirit live on in Baby Button, and try to keep in mind that while God has him in his keeping, you have him in your hearts. Please accept our most sincere condolences.
Gerald & Audrey Burton, 12/04/2006

The Button Family

It is with great saddness we write this message. We both grew up with Ian in Gander and remember him as a vibrant and out going person. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all through this trying time.
Chad and Lisa Angell 12/04/06, 12/04/2006

To the Button Family, Michelle and Baby Button

After returning from a day-long CIHI meeting on Monday, I was shocked to hear about Ian's passing. I just could not believe somone filled with such vitality, exuburance and humanity was with us no longer. I grew up in Gander and knew the Button family, as I also came from medical family. Although I was more familiar with Mark, who was a year behind me in school, I had on several occasions talked with Ian and found him witty, intelligent and engaging. At my first CIHI yearly meeting in 2003, Ian and we talked at length and when I found out Sammy (my son), he was very excited for me. I only wish I had taken the opportunity to get to know Ian better. For Michelle and Family: there's nothing a stranger, albeit a fellow CIHIer, can say other than I hope there's some catharsis in your memeories of Ian and in knowing half of Ian is within your child. I'm sure baby Button will know all about Dad and the Buttons clan will be always be there for you. Know that everyone at CIHI feels for you dearly and know that all who have known Ian know an outstanding individual - such an amiable, admirable and inspiration person. For the Buttons, know how much we feel for you - the Collins family, especially my parents, have been deeply affected by Ian's passing. I can only barely imagine as a father, husband, son and brother what you must feel. Ian will live through all our memories - through you, Michelle, friends and family, and perhaps foremost, in baby Button. I have no doubt baby Button will know Ian and will be Ian because anyone who has knows the Buttons know a close and caring family who positively affect all who know them. Please accept our most sincere condolences.
Jeremy, Lori and Sammy Collins, 12/04/2006

The Button Family

I went to school in Gander for many years with Ian and Mark. I remember meeting Ian for the first time in Florida of '87 where Mark, Ian and I spent a lot of time together. I knew him as a smart, honest and friendly person who was always happy and had a smile on his face. I know there isn't anything we could say or do to make this any easier except I'm truly sorry, and my condolences to the entire family.
Chad Hillier, 12/04/2006

To Michelle and family

My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I will always remember Ian as a dedicated fitness enthusiast and family man. I was a lanemate of his for the past two years and during this time we shared our time for the love of the sport as well as our joy of physical fitness. I will always remember Ian's always fresh looking appearance after a hard set and his competitive drive. He was kind, honest, sincere and always supportive. I will miss him.
Gordon Van Tol, 12/04/2006

To Ian's family and unborn baby

I am so saddened to hear of the loss of such a young and vibrant person. My prayers go out to Michelle and unborn baby that they may be strengthened by the support of family and friends in this time of tragedy.
Barbara Holness, 12/04/2006

To the Button Family

No parent ever expects to have the misfortune to outlive their child. I didn't know Ian, but I know his family and some of his friends. Reading of him on this page has been an inspiration to have as much positive impact in this world as he obviously has. What a special person and a terrible loss for all of us. Our hearts and prayers are with your family through this difficult time.
Candace Labelle and Bill Wyss, 12/04/2006

Judy, Eric & family

We are so shocked and saddened by Ian's death, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you
Fred & Marion Bartlett, 12/04/2006

To The Button Family

I feel very honored to have known Ian and grown up with him in Gander. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Susan Hoyles, 12/04/2006

Deepest Sympathy

I went to high school with Ian and remember him to be a very outgoing happy guy who loved to swim. I was greatly saddened when I heard of Ian's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time.
Kelly Blakney nee Blackmore, 12/04/2006


I never swam with Ian but I spent many hours in NMSC executive committee meetings with him. The club was honoured to have Ian as a member. His dedicated work, thoughtful comments, humour and uplifting spirit will be missed.
Ross Brown, 12/04/2006

To Michelle & Baby Button

While I worked with Ian at CIHI for 1 1/2 years, our interaction rarely related directly to work. We were located in the same hallway and we both started work fairly early in the morning. Topics of discussion between myself, Ian and of course Anyk (Glussich)usually included a lot of laughter and comic relief related headlines in the news, sports pages and day-to-day comings and goings at work. Ian would often just be listening in the background and smiling, but eventually he had to tell us what he thought. Ian was nothing if not passionate about what he believed in. Aside from that, what can I say? He was a great guy! A little quiet, but easily worked into a big smile even when he was focused in his work. The last time I saw him was at the football in Ottawa and I spoke to him shortly after he e-mailed me about the baby. People like Ian are not forgotten. I know I won't Michelle, I wish you and your baby the best of luck in the future. Take care of yourselves.
Mario DiGiosia, 12/04/2006

Judy & Family

Ian Button, 12/04/2006

Eric, Judy, Mark, (and family) Michelle (and family) and of course "Baby Button"

We are all so profoundly feeling a sense of loss with the news of Ian's untimely passing. Baby Button, there are so many deservingly great things that you will hear about your Dad,and we wanted to share a funny memory of your dad as a young boy and the mischief that he got into with his cousins... we all were at the Scotsburn Pork Chop BBQ...our parents and grandparents were all busy either socializing or working at the supper. We (Greig, Lee, Angela, Jade, Mark and Ian) saw an opportunity to "help ourselves" to the ice cream that was kept in the garage of the firehall for paying customers! We grabbed a bunch, took off running, hid under Eileen's (your great grandmother) step and ate it.... We hope you grow up hearing lots of great and funny stories about your dad and smile with each and every one.
Gary, Lee and Greig Muir, 12/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby

Michelle, my prayers are with you and your baby. I am so sorry for your loss. I worked with Ian for years, and he always amazed me with his quick whit and intelligence, not to mention his peaceful demeanor and ever-ready pleasant greeting and smile. He was always helpful and supportive. He touched many people in positive ways. He will be missed, and remembered.
Tammie Turner, 12/04/2006

To Eric, Judy and Family

Sincere condolences on your tragic loss. May our thoughts and prayers comfort you at this difficult time.
Lillian and Leo Burke, 12/04/2006

To Eric and family

From our family to your's heartfelt sympathy 0n Ian's tragic loss . Even tho we had'nt met Ian when I saw Ian's picture on this web site there was no doubt he looked like his Dad and from the tributes he was a great guy who was everybody's best friend .to Michele and the granchild to be may the wonderful memories sustain you thru this difficult time---jim , maxine , todd , scott and JJ
jim young, 12/04/2006

To the Button Family and our newest relative on the way

We are left with such heavy hearts after hearing about Ian's passing. There is no grandmother more proud of her grandchildren than my sister Eileen. Baby Button, your great grandmother will be able to tell you great stories about your dad just as she has always told us. You are in our thoughts and our prayers.
Marion & Gordon Muir, 12/04/2006

On Behalf of the United Church in Gander

Dear Judy, Eric and families, Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. We are saddened that such a terrible tragedy has happened and we want you to know that you are enfolded in our love and care. May you be encouraged by the outpouring of love from friends and through the memories that will keep Ian's legacy strong. May God be with you giving strength, comfort and peace. Sincerely, Rev. Stephanie
Reverend Stephanie McClellan, 12/04/2006

Ian's Family

I am very sad to get this news. I swam with Ian at the Gander Swim Club. He was a very great guy. My prayers are with your family through this time.
John Kenney, 12/04/2006

Deepest sympathy

Margaret and I were shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Ian's passing. We have fond memories of happier days as families in Gander, and it is our prayer that the strong bonds of these days that will sustain you in this time of profound sorrow. Be assured that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Claude and Margaret Hender
Eric and Judy Button and Family, 12/04/2006

To Mr and Mrs Button, Mark, Michelle and baby

It has been years since I've spoken with Ian but having gone through school with him, I've always known him to be active, healthy and happy. It is with genuine shock and sadness that I've learned of Ian's passing and express sincere condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you over the next coming months espeically, and each day hereafter.
jennifer King, 12/04/2006

To Mr and Mrs Button, Mark, Michelle and baby

It has been years since I've spoken with Ian but having gone through school with him, I've always known him to be active, healthy and happy. It is with genuine shock and sadness that I've learned of Ian's passing and express sincere condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you over the next coming months espeically, and each day hereafter.
jennifer King, 12/04/2006

To Michelle and baby Button

I am so sad to learn of Ian's untimely passing. I only recently met Ian through work - I had the pleasure of sitting next to him in a day-long workshop not long ago. He was quick to introduce himself, and not long into our conversation he asked me what part of central Newfoundland I was from. Among his many other talents, he also had quite an ear for accents! My deepest sympathies - I hope you draw strength from knowing that Ian touched many lives and left many positive memories.
Helen Gardner, 12/04/2006

Deepest sympathy

Words cannot express the shock and sadness we feel. We remember Ian fondly from his childhood days playing at our house with our son, Mark. He was such a caring, loving child then and from all accounts continued that way as an adult. Please accept our deepest sympathy. John and Lorraine Elliott, Gander, NL
The Button family, 12/04/2006

Ian - Fond Memories

It is sad to say goodbye to a good friend and a great person. Ian gave selflessly of his time, knowledge, enthusiasm and spirit to all those around him. He was a role model for all of us. Working hard to do his best in the pool and on the swim team executive. Providing encouragement to others who might not have swum as fast or had such good technique. Stepping up when he saw something needed doing. It's hard to believe that just a few days ago he was standing, swimming or cycling beside us and suddenly we realize how much we will miss him now that he is gone. Many people will miss you Ian, but your memory and spirit will stay with us.
Ed Odecki, 11/04/2006

A chance I'll never have

I met Ian over the winter as I began my training for the OBC race team. Though we only saw each other a handful of times, I remember fondly his laid back, friendly demeanour and his willingness and enthusiasm to be helping out a fellow cyclist. Like everybody else here, I was shocked to hear of Ian's passing because he seemed to be so full of a joy for life. I will regret not being able to get to know him better as the sun stays out longer and the snow melts away, but I will think of him every time I'm out on the roads. My deepest sympathies to you Michelle, and I hope that through all of us, you can find the strength to endure these times.
Henry Mai, 11/04/2006

Button Family

We are in a state of shock after hearing of Ian's passing. I realize there is little we can do for you. However rest assured that our prayers are for you all. Having a son who ran cross country with Ian, we are very aware of what pain you must be feeling. You are constantly in our thoughts. God Bless
D & H Johnston, 11/04/2006

Childhood Memories- The Button Family

It is through our parents as young children growing up in Gander that I met and hold memories of Ian. It was always with love and affection that both his dad and mom spoke of Ian and his brother Mark. It was clear as young boys that they held a bond of friendship that was molded through the adoration, fondness, admiration and joy of their parents. I remember the exuberance that his parents spoke of in terms of becoming grandparents and how proud they were of Ian and his accomplishments in life. Ian grew up to be a model citizen in society that will be fondly missed by all but never forgotten. I will cherish the photos I have of Ian as a young child. I am reminded to live life to the fullest as Ian has taught so many of us to do as a child and obviously continued to do in his adult years. Michelle I can only empathize with what you are feeling, please take some comfort in knowing his spirit will live on in his child and you, the love of his life. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time.
Christine Sturge - Pritchett, 11/04/2006

Michelle and Baby Button

Ian was the first person on NMSC that I had met. I could tell from that first meeting that he had a great passion for swimming and working on the committee. It made me really excited to be on the team. I never made it to too many Saturday mornings, which were my only time to swim with him, but I will never forget his smiling face those few times that I did see him there. Although I never knew him that well, he will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Shelley Demkiw, 11/04/2006

The Button Family

Shock and saddness filled our hearts when we heard of Ian's sudden passing. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with the Button Family during this difficult time.
Terry and Suzanne Tiller, Gander NL, 11/04/2006

To all of Ian's family

As a former teammate of Ian's at the 1993 Canada Summer Games I am shocked and saddened by his sudden passing. We, like all our teammates and fellow cyclists, love the thrill of riding and joy of the outdoors. I have many memories of him from riding in horrible rain and wind to savouring the tail-wind of a sunny afternoon. I will think of him every time I am on my bike. My deepest condolences to his wife, future child and family
Alex Mathieson, 11/04/2006

Ian Button; smiling enthusiasm

I am very sad and shocked to know Ian is gone so soon. But I sensed that Ian made the most of his own swimming passion, and helped put a smile and friendly challenge into mine.
Eric Thomson, 11/04/2006

The Button Family

I worked with Ian on the Administrative end of swimming with the Nepean Masters Swim Club. As the club contact of the largest club within MSO, Ian was very dedicated in his position. He made sure all the info was there with the appropriate payment. If I needed clarification, he was quick with the response. I had only known Ian briefly "in the pool". We "talked" via email about meets and our swims. Ian was very encouraging and motivating when I was losing interest and not focused. What a loss for the family both in and out of the water. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Button family and close friends. He will be missed.
Brian Croker, MSO Registrar, 11/04/2006

To: Judy, Eric & Family

On behalf of the RHGNL I want to express our sadness on the sudden passing of Ian. We are all thinking of you and your family at this diffuclt time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Alice Kelly,, 11/04/2006


It is hard to comprehend, loosing someone so active, so apparently healthy, so young. May the Ian's love of sport give you strength in the coming months. My sincerest condolences.
Brigitte Zirger, 11/04/2006

Ian - A friend, a teammate, a Dad (To be) and a Husband

Michelle, Baby and Family: I was so saddened to hear the news of Ian's passing. Ian was a wonderful freind and lanemate. When Ian started at NMSC he swam in the same lane as us. Michelle and Ian were wonderful additions to our lane dinners and even when Ian moved to the morning swims they were always welcome and invited to attend. Michelle and Baby you are always welcome to come to our lane dinners!!! Ian was a great addition to our club and was a great friend. He showed such dedication and disire in everything he did. My 10 year old Hayden was coached by Ian in his first Tri and was in tears to hear of a loss of a good friend and "coach". We will miss Ian and his smiling face. Michelle and family if there is anything we can do please do not hesitate to contact us. Ian will be dearly missed. Lane Buddy Andrew Strachan
Andrew Strachan, 11/04/2006

To Ian's Family

We swam on opposite sides of the pool, Ian being on the side with the strongest swimmers. But even though we were far apart, I couldn’t miss noticing Ian’s smile and his self-assured, calm and pleasant demeanour. My sincere condolences on your loss. There is a book “When bad things happen to good people” which may provide some comfort.
Bruce Mason, 11/04/2006

Dear Michelle and Baby Button

I am shocked and saddened by Ian’s passing. I am so sorry for your loss. If I can do anything at all please don’t hesitate to let me know. It is obvious that Ian has touched many lives and this is how I remember Ian: I always referred to Ian as my biking buddy but he was also a genuinely nice guy and a great friend. I met him through some of his coworkers/friends at a running race about 4 years ago and must have expressed an interest in triathlon because he became a triathlon mentor to me. The next when year I started swimming and bought a road bike and he offered to go out biking. He would put up with my countless questions and my newbie squirrelly bike maneuvers and soon he became a regular training partner since we lived near each other. Ian also rode with me on my first Rideau Lakes tour last summer and was with me at my first Meech Lake Friday morning swim and most of the subsequent ones. Although Ian was usually quiet and unassuming, he had deep competitive spirit and was always seeking to improve his training/ fitness/ nutrition and never hesitated to help anyone else accomplish the same. He also took extra care to ensure his training balanced with his family life and would talk excitedly about the future (last summer when he and Michelle were buying a house and of course a baby would follow). He had a true love and passion for sport especially cycling and swimming. One of the last emails I have from Ian a couple of months ago talked of the upcoming season 2006. I think this paragraph that he wrote shows why cycling meant so much to him: This past summer’s focus on cycling was a real treat. Cycling was the beginning of a lot of great things for me when I was a teenager. I’ve met some lifelong friends, traveled and raced all over Atlantic Canada, and in Quebec plus it took me to the Canada Games in BC. I learned to love the sport. Getting back in the ‘pack’ again this year and competing in the ‘team’ atmosphere was really great and I had a lot of fun. My goal now is to improve again so I can be more competitive and help my team mates when necessary. I will deeply miss my friend and biking buddy Ian
Layla Prieur, 11/04/2006

To Michelle

Ian stengthened everything he was involved in. He will be missed by many people. Triumph is most difficult to endure when you are alone. You are not alone in your grief. My sincere condolences of this tragic loss.
Bob Willies, 11/04/2006

To Eric, Judy and family

Mollie and I are very saddened by news of Ian's death. We have been friend's of the Buttons for many years. Ian graduated from Gander Collegiate with our daughter, Nancy Fleming, and the family owned a cottage near ours at Butts Pond. Please accept our deepest sympathy.
Gerald Saunders, 11/04/2006

Your Dad and Husband

I met Ian three years ago when he started coming out to our Tour de Gatineau Park rides. He was always a great competitor and a positive influence on our rides. I can't imagine the sorrow that you are experiencing. As a husband and father myself, my greatest fear is leaving my love ones behind, not for me, but for them. Our community is strong and there will be many people who will be there to tell baby Button what a great person that dad was.
Devashish Paul, 11/04/2006

To Michelle and baby

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ian for just one year at CIHI. He had a lot of patience to explain and show how to understand something regarding work. He always had a smile, and a few funny comments. I believe that Ian's soul will be past down to Baby Button, so please take care of yourself and the baby. It is very important for your to know that everyone that knew Ian, were extremely fortunate and greatfull to have been part of his life.
Jeannine Poston, 11/04/2006, 11/04/2006

Ian Button

I only knew Ian for a brief spell at NMSC and from the local cycling/tri scene. He was a great competitor and supportive of everyone. The last few times I saw him he was just as likely to be volunteering as competing. I am shocked and saddened at his passing. My condolences to his family, he will surely be missed.
Andrew Milne, 11/04/2006

To Michelle and new baby

Ian was a very nice colleague who had always time to answer my questions on swimming and cycling. I remember I saw you once in the elevator and only talked to Ian thinking you just happened to be in the same elevator. Then, few weeks ago I asked Ian after I realized you have the same name" Ian! Are you relative with Michelle? He then had the biggest and the most proud smile saying : She's my wife din't you know? I could see all the love he had for you in his face. And silly as I am, I replied : Nobody took the time to tell me!! He laughed. The last time I spoke to him was last thursday: It was again to ask for his advice on swimming... He'll be really missed, but also this kind of persons will stay in our harts. Michelle, mon coeur est avec toi et mes prières vont pour Ian pour qu'il repose en paix.
Dalila Bakhti, 11/04/2006

To Baby Button...

Working with Ian, I will miss seeing him in the bike cage on a daily basis. I will miss his quiet confidence and his kindness. But, baby Button, a quote by Wilbur D. Nesbit sums up how I will remember the father who was overjoyed by your impending arrival: “The thing that goest farthest towards making life worth while, That costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile. . . . It's full of worth and goodness too, with manly kindness blent, It's worth a million dollars and it doesn't cost a cent. “
MM, 11/04/2006

Michelle and Baby Button

Michelle, I was greatly saddened by the news of Ian's so sudden passing. You and your baby are in my prayers and thoughts. I knew Ian through the Nepean Masters Swim Club, we swam together in A group and then worked together on the club executive after he moved to the morning group. His easy, outgoing, friendly spirit was always appreciated. His commitment to be the best he could be, either in the water training or racing or being the club registrar was always with sensitivity and kindness to others. His competitiveness strengthened his own efforts, and his grace and goodwill in encouraging and teaching others to try and catch him will not be forgotten. It was an honour to know Ian, he was a wonderful person and will be missed by all that knew him. My sorrow for your loss is so great that I close with a scripture verse:- Palsm 34, verse 18 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” NIV
Brian Robertson, 11/04/2006

To Michelle Button

Dear Michelle- I was so sorry to hear of Ian's untimely passing. Please accept my deepest sympathies and may you be spared any further sorrow.
Melanie Gluss, 11/04/2006

To Michelle

I was lucky enough to swim in Ian's lane for the last two years and, like everyone else, was amazed by his friendly attitude and his sincerity. There was something about him; a decency or wholesomeness that made him stand out. Whenever he spoke of you or the baby, his pride was obvious and his always-present smile got wider. Just last week he emailed those of us who had played poker at your house last year that he was planning to host "the 2nd annual diaper-money poker tournament" in the fall. He will be sadly missed by us all.
Derek Parker, 11/04/2006

He was a kind spirit

I met Ian through the OBC and never saw him without a smile on his face. He exuded a warmth and gentleness that is refreshing to all who met him. My condolences to your familly and kind thoughts always.
Angus Henry, 11/04/2006

Recent memories of Ian

I'm shocked and saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of husband and father-to-be Ian. I spent Saturday morning, April 8th, with Ian and team mate Glenn at a Technosport Swim meet. Ian swam well, with a best ever master's time in 200IM, only to get disqualified for some unclear reason. Ian and I cheered on Glenn and took his splits in 400 free. Glenn and Ian both gave me advice and support during my 200 fly. Ian spoke excitedly about the upcoming baby. I've known Ian for several years through Masters swimming and he was always a happy, outgoing and positive athlete. I'll miss him.
Peggy Baxter, 11/04/2006


My deepest sympathies to you, baby Button, and family. While I haven't Mountain Biked with Ian in several years, I enjoyed our occasional email updates on training progress. I can assure you his achievements and impact to fellow atheletes will not be forgotten. I'll remember Ian for being an incredibly selfless individual when it came to helping fellow athletes. I admired his competitive spirit and attention to detail. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your child.
Fritz McKellar, 11/04/2006

To Ian's Family

Ian became a teammate of mine last year as he started to get involved in mass start road racing though the Ottawa Bicycle Club. A hard working, dedicated, always positive, always smiling rider and always willing to lend a hand to his fellow cyclist. Just last week he sent me an email encouraging me to work my way though a knee injury that I had suffered this winter. Ian was a great guy and he will be surely missed. So sorry for your loss.
Terrence Martineau, 11/04/2006

Ian - I would have like to have known you better.

I did not know Ian except by name on swim meet heat and results sheets. We were the same age and often posted similar swim times. I enjoyed "competing" against him. I also remember reading a post from him on Trirudy about Master's swimming in which his style, manner, and enthusiasm made me respect him. I would have liked to have known him better. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle and their soon to be born child in this time of sorrow.
Stephen Cann, 11/04/2006

It was an honour to know Ian

I first met Ian at NMSC, he was swimming with A group and in the same lane. He was always an inspiration to all of us. When I started cycling Ian offered to take me out and teach me some of his amazing skills. He taught me to ride close to his wheel and he took me up to Gatineau for my first big loop. He was an awesome swimmer and cyclist and will be missed by all. Never take life for granted.
Cindy Zakoor, 11/04/2006

Your Husband, your Daddy and my Friend

I am extremely saddened by your loss but at the same time I find great comfort in sharing memories of someone whom we seem to have all been blessed to know. I hope that maybe you both will be able to find some of the same. Your Daddy is responsible for introducing me to all that I am passionate about regarding fitness. I met him through a mutual friend while starting out mountain biking. Not entirely satisfied with that, Ian moved back to his "roadie" roots and took me with him. He took me on my first road ride and showed me the basics of riding in a peleton. He then encouraged me to try triathlons and in doing so, introduced me to swimming at Meech and Wednesday morning Gatineau rides. We rode together in my first Rideau Lakes Tour. I missed out last year because my daughter's birth date was on the same weekend, and he was using the same excuse this year to be there for your arrival. I will ride it this year and be thinking of your Dad the whole way. All of these were firsts for me but just another of many for your Daddy. He was always eager to share his passions with others and be a teacher, a leader and a friend. Thanks Ian.
Peter Roe, 11/04/2006

To family and friends,

Ian was very excited to race in his second year with our Senior 3 team this spring. We had been working on a training plan to get into shape early in the season so that come May he could devote all of his time to his family. He was looking forward to working for his teammates, and helping the team achieve its goals. Racing requires strong, selfless teammates and Ian definitely fit the mould. His effort, enthusiasm, and sacrifice will be missed.
Michael DeKelver, Racing Director, Ottawa Bicycle Club, 11/04/2006


I am shocked and saddened to hear of Ian's untimely passing. My thoughts are with you and your baby at this difficult time.
Lynn Marshall, 11/04/2006

To Michelle and baby - Memories

Ian was a wonderful guy, full of life and always smiling. He was one of my lanemates and I swam with him the past two years. Although he enjoyed swimming, cycling, and challenging himself, he also had a unique way of encouraging those around him through his positive attitude and actions. I saw the joy in his eyes when he talked of his baby, he was already a great daddy and so proud! Never hiding his emotions, he truly opened his heart to those around him. I will remember Ian as a great swimmer and friend, honest, courageous, and kind. Though he will be dearly missed, may his memory keep you strong.
Andrea Zegarra, 11/04/2006

To Michelle

A few years ago we met at a Triathon in Gatineau. Ian and and I raced in the same age category. I remeber you being there with your dog supporitng Ian during his race. The whole image of you with your husband near the beach left a lasting impression. He seemed so accomplished in so many ways. He was kind, genuine and driven to succeed. I remember after Wednesday morning rides in Gatineau Park, he'd race off to work and I'd think WOW! I don't think I can talk right now let alone function in an office. I also admired how he found the time to participate in sport on so many levels. He was an official, a coach, an athlete and an inspiration. He set standards that I still hope to meet, not only in sport but in life. I'm so sorry. They don't come better than Ian.
James Fournier, 11/04/2006


It is through Ian that I discovered cycling is a team sport. A talented and hardworking cyclist, Ian had a rare selfless quality that led him to work for the team above any personal goals. I witnessed him do many impressive things on a bike, but, my lasting memory of Ian is that he was someone who simply enjoyed what he was doing to the fullest. It was clear he derived the same enjoyment from taking a long pull at the front for the team as he did blowing by you when it was his turn to shine. I will savour my next trip out on the road much more dearly.
Shannon Hunt, 11/04/2006

To Ian's memory

I knew Ian from swimming and cycling. He was always in the next lane or faster riding group so we talked at swim meets, at the dinner table at Queens, and around his volunteer activities with the club. Although he was very competitive in the pool and on the bike, what I remember most is that he was happy, friendly, and a genuinely nice guy. I really liked him and won't forget him.
Doug Petty, 11/04/2006

Michelle - For strength

I too met Ian through my involvement with the NMSC executive. We are all deeply saddened by Ian's sudden death. Your grief must be overwhelming. I hope that the kind words written here from the numerous people that new and cared for Ian bring you some form of peace. May the baby inside you now give you the strength to go on and become the best mother (and father, carrying Ian's spirit) you can. You have the support of many holding you up.
Carrie Horne, 11/04/2006

To Michelle

My only interaction with Ian was on the club executive. Despite his never ending workload with registration Ian always remained positive and polite. In the last few months it was very clear at every encounter that he was bursting with pride and joy over the pending new arrival. As a new father myself I was in sync with that joy but now unfortunately all I feel is deep sadness for that which he will miss. Michelle, I wish you a happy and healthy baby. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.
Trevor Holt, 10/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

Around 3 years ago I met Ian when we were both swimming in the same lane and competing against each other in competitions. He was the kind of person that you could speak to and you felt like you had known him your whole life. We had a lot in common, both from Newfoundland and being around the same age. My wife is currently expecting our first child in September and I keep thinking of how it would be for my family. I would like you to know that even for a person like me who only knew him as an acquantance....I am better for having known Ian. He was a great swimmer and an even better person.
Barry Ford, 10/04/2006


I met your husband for the first time minutes before he passed away on Sunday, yet I will know him forever. I was at his side. Like Ian, my friend and I were out on our bikes near Richmond on that Sunday afternoon. We came across Ian and five other people by the side of the road trying to do what they could to help him. We joined that group and did our utmost to make Ian feel at peace. Please know, Michelle, he did not suffer. Please know, Michelle, he was comforted by this small group of strangers in every way. Please know, Michelle, he died doing what he must have loved to do. Please know, Michelle, you can call me at any time. God Bless.
Karen von Jagow, 10/04/2006

To Michelle and Child

I have had the pleasure of knowing your husband and dad for a couple of years now. He was always a pleasure to be around and I enjoyed the time chatting at swim meets with him. He was the only other fellow swimmer I knew who loved to have coffee in between races. He was a strong all around athlete who loved the challenge of improving himself each and every time. He was very kind, courteous, and caring and was always happy. He was one of the very few people I have ever met that I can say is a genuine person. I am very proud to have known Ian and I know that you will grow up one day and be just as great as he was. He will be sadly missed by all whose hearts he touched.
Lorri Black, 10/04/2006

Your dad - the lanemate

When my seven year old son asked me today why I was so sad, I explained to him that my friend had died. He said that it made him sad too. I then went on to explain to him that Michelle was having a baby and that the baby was not born in time to meet his or her dad. My son said in his seven year old wisdom, that it would be okay because Ian would come back as an angel. The baby would be able to see him and call him dad. I guess sometimes children know more than we do. Your dad was a strong, determined and great individual who continually inspired others around him. His quiet and confident demeanor always made him approachable and well-liked by others. He loved to swim and train, and always strove for excellence. I, too, have known him for the past couple of years, and was honoured to consider him a lanemate. From the countless laps swum in the early morning hours, to travelling to the swim meets and awaiting the next race, your dad did it right. He was a good person, and he will be missed. So, as you gather your strength and teachings from your mom, don't forget,your dad is watching and I guarantee he'll be always be proud of you.
Steve Bloom, 10/04/2006

To Michelle and Baby Button

I only met Ian this fall swimming with him but he is someone who makes a big impact on you in a short amount of time. It is really hard to articulate how great a person Ian was - it was all about the way that he made others feel when they were with him. He always laughed at your jokes, he always had a warm welcoming smile, and he was always courteous and extremely caring. When with Ian, you felt that you were with someone who lived life well and was always kind – and being with him made you feel better about yourself. He will be very sadly missed.
Tony Woods, 10/04/2006

Ian Button

On behalf of all Ian’s cycling friends in Newfoundland, I would like to express our sadness in the lost of Ian. I will remember Ian from his days with the Newfoundland and Labrador Summer Games Cycling Team. I believe that he the distinction of being the only cyclist for our home town of Gander to ever make the provincial team. He will be missed by all.
Keith Manuel, 10/04/2006

to ian - even if I never met him

Being the statistician, I only "knew" Ian Button from the reported swims, and he was certainly a familiar name for me. This is so very sad, and I feel very powerless right now.
christian berger, 10/04/2006

Ian Button - the lane mate

To Michelle and baby: Your husband and father will be greatly missed by his lane mates. Ian was a good person. We could tell from the way he walked on the deck in the morning. There always was a smile and sometimes I think it was more of a smirk. He definitely had a good sense of humour, loved to swim, loved to improve and loved to challenge another lane mate. He was smart and knew how to pace himself. Often he would have spent the weekend running or cycling while us older guys rested our bodies for the Monday morning swim. He knew when he was up for the challenge to push the pace or to slow himself down. I have known Ian for 4 or 5 years. We met at another pool with mutual friends just prior to both of us joing NMSC. He eventually came over to the dark side and joined the morning swim 3 years ago. He was an excellent lane mate - friendly, calm, focused, fun, kind, fit and determined. Many of us have spent hours swimming laps, travelling to swim meets and sitting on pool decks between races with Ian. We know his character. He was a good person. Barry Doucette
Barry Doucette, 10/04/2006

Boston Marathon Dedication

To Michelle and Baby Button; I considered Ian to be a dear friend. I loved seeing his joy in buying his first house with Michelle, their new car and announcing he would be a dad. He was without a doubt a kind and gentle person with a wonderful sense of humour and a great athletic spirit. I saw him last week when he stopped by to take care of club duties. As he left he wished me and my husband all the best in our first Boston marathon which we will run next week. In honour of my dear friend Ian I will carry a personal memento of his with me on the marathon and dedicate the run to Ian's great athletic spirit. He loved his sports and I know he was disappointed to give up his running last year. I will miss Ian dearly.
Peggie Slavin, 10/04/2006

To baby Button

I was one of the privileged swimmers to swim with Ian every morning bright and early. We were among the crazy ones to sign up for every morning swim, including Saturdays. Even before 6:00 a.m. your Dad always had a smile on his face. He was really looking forward to your arrival and wanted to spend so much time with you that he was preparing to free up his schedule by dropping volunteer duties with the club. He was even going to take a break from swimming to bike to work this summer so that your Mom could have the car during the day to drive you around. I will always remember the kindness and gentleness of your father. Not only did I enjoy swimming with him, but I liked to sit beside him during executive meetings and share a few minutes of chat time. Your Dad would always talk about your arrival with a sparkle in his big blue eyes and a smile on his face. Although he never had the chance to meet you in person, he loved you dearly.
Carla St-Germain, 10/04/2006

To Ian's new baby

To Ian and Michelle’s new baby: I got to know your father over the past 12 months because he was on my executive committee at the Nepean Masters Swim Club. During this time, I had the opportunity to get to know Ian on a personal basis, and appreciate his disposition. Your father was relatively quiet, except when he had something to say, which means he never wasted his words. When he did say something, it usually meant that he had a strong opinion on something, or an important point to make. He had a great sense of humour which he chose to use occasionally and he was not afraid to make fun of himself. This is a sign of a confident person. He was quite the athlete, and was very proud to bring home “the hardware”. You would have been proud of him because he was a great human being. I am proud to have known Ian, even though it was for a short period of time. I hope you grow up to be as fine a person as he was.
Pat McConnell, 10/04/2006