Team Clothing

Ready To Go

The following items are available for order:

T-shirts can be ordered on-line via the CMSC 2013 registration system (no need to actually swim). For all other items please contact the Order Co-ordinator directly.


In the past the club has held an inventory of team clothing for purchase.  As of 2005 we have decided to discontinue maintaining this inventory but that does not imply the products are no longer available.  If you wish to purchase a NMSC branded piece of clothing please go to:

Embroid Me (
4055 Carling Avenue (at March Rd.)
(613) 271-1333

They have the versions of our NMSC logo on file and are willing to place it on any of their many in-stock items including sweaters, shirts, caps, and other items.  They produced all of the items which we in the past have held in stock.

Note: All purchases are made individually and prices negotiated with the store owner directly.  The club is not involved.