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Chlorine Chronicle (Archive)

NMSC Dec/99 Newsletter

Club Policies


1.1 Modification - policies may be established, modified, or deleted by a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee

1.2 Exclusivity - due to incomplete historical records, the Executive Committee of 1998/99 has approved this collection of club policies as being definitive. Any other existing policies not included herein are revoked.

1.3 Precedence to Constitution and Bylaws - where these policies contradict the NMSC Constitution or Bylaws, such part of the policies will be invalid.

1.4 In the absence of a relevant policy - the President is entitled to use discretion or to bring the situation forward to the executive for discussion.

1.5 Communication of policies - a list of policies should be provided to any member of NMSC upon request to the Secretary. As policies are changed, this document should be updated by the Secretary, posted on the NMSC web site, and shared with the Executive Committee.


2.1 Cross-over swims - each member shall be entitled to attend one weekend swim, whether it be Saturday morning, Sunday morning, or Sunday evening. However, if the addition of a cross-over swimmer produces more than eight swimmers in each and every lane, that cross-over swimmer shall not be permitted to join the swim.

2.2 Visitors - members of other swim clubs who are visiting this area are welcome to participate in club swims on an occasional basis. For insurance and MSO registration reasons, people not registered and insured with a swimming organization are not allowed in the pool. Similarly, children of members are not allowed in the pool area (exceptions may be discussed with the pool supervisor).

2.3 Officer privileges - all officers of NMSC are entitled to occasionally participate in swims of groups other than the group they are registered in. This is intended to provide convenience (e.g. able to swim following a meeting on club business) and visibility (e.g. to allow the officers to meet members from other groups); it is NOT intended to allow an officer to habitually swim in practices other than those of the group in which they are registered. At the President's discretion, Officer privileges can be extended to other members who are performing heavy amounts of work for the club.

2.4 Affiliate members - an affiliate member is registered with MSO as an NMSC swimmer and the swimmer is entitled to swim on NMSC relays at meets, is invited to NMSC social events and receives NMSC mailings. Affiliate members are not entitled to vote at general meetings or to practice with us, nor are the coaches required to coach the swimmers at meets.


3.1 Purchasing - any officer of the club is entitled to make occasional purchases of up to $50 each and be reimbursed for the expenditure. For purchases above that amount, a proposal should be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration, outlining the requested purchase, the estimated cost, and the potential benefit to the club.

3.2 Use of equipment - at the discretion of the Equipment Manager, inexpensive items of club equipment may be loaned to members (e.g. stop watches, magazines, books, videos). At the discretion of the Equipment Manager, more expensive items may be loaned to other clubs (e.g. several stop watches, the video camera, television or VCR). In all cases, the borrowing club or person must agree to return the equipment promptly and in good working order, or to reimburse NMSC for the replacement cost of the items.

3.3 Access to video camera - a policy is being developed to ensure coaches have easy access to this.

3.4 Set-up and take-down of equipment is to be done on a volunteer basis not the coach's responsibility.


4.1 Certification - all coaches must attempt to maintain current certification at the NLS level. NMSC will reimburse reasonable certification/recertification costs. Coaches must provide the club with a copy of their certification at the beginning of each season, or when renewed, as this must given to the City.

4.2 Program description - each September, coaches must submit to the Executive Committee a brief outline of their proposed swim program for the season, and review the proposed program with their swimmers.

4.3 Workouts - must be provided for all scheduled practices, whether or not the coach will attend.

4.4 Coverage - coaches are responsible for ensuring coverage at each practice in accordance with City requirements that at least two certified people be on deck at all times (typically 1 guard and 1 coach, or 2 coaches). In advance of any absence, the coach should confirm attendance of the co-coach, if that will fulfill the requirements. If a replacement is necessary, the coach should:

Other responsibilities of coaches are outlined in the Bylaws.


5.1 Regular duties - coaches will be paid at a regular rate for all swim practices coached. This rate includes a premium to partially compensate for time spent outside of practice planning the program. The rate will be reviewed annually between each coach and the President. Not all coaches will necessarily receive the same rate.

5.2 Pay for time off - coaches are entitled to be paid for a total of nine absences per year, providing they provide workouts for those absences and notify the president and vice-president of the group. Absences within this limit are self-monitored. The group VP and the Treasurer should be notified in advance for absences beyond this limit.

5.3 Pay for other duties - coaches will also be paid at the regular rate when requested to attend executive meetings, and for coaching at other club events such as fun meets, clinics, etc. Operating outside their normal coaching hours.

5.4 Pay for filling in for other coaches - if coaches swap workouts, no change is made to amounts paid. If a coach must work an extra practice due to the absence of another coach, whether or not a workout has been provided, the substituting coach will be paid at the regular rate. If a member, or other certified person supervises a practice, the rate of remuneration will be negotiated with the President, and will be no greater than the regular rate.

5.5 Pay for attending local meets - coaches must request remuneration for attending local meets in advance. In general, the Executive Committee will approve payment of a fixed amount (to be reviewed annually between the coaches and the President), providing the coach has at least five swimmers participating in the event, and sufficient money is available in the budget. The Executive Committee reserves the right to offer full or partial payment, or to decline payment, or to approve payment for only some coaches, regardless of the number of participants.

5.6 Pay for attending out-of-town meets - the same policy applies as for local meets, except that a different daily fixed amount applies, as reviewed annually between the coaches and the President. As well, the Executive Committee reserves the right to offer full or partial payment, or to decline payment, for reasonable per diem expenses to cover meals and accommodation, and for travel expenses. In general, an estimate of expenses to attend an out-of-town meet should be provided to the Executive Committee at least one month prior to the meet.

5.7 Reimbursement for training - to encourage coaches to obtain a variety of training that might benefit them either personally or professionally, NMSC will reimburse reasonable amounts for training if the current budget permits. The coach should seek prior concurrence that the cost will be reimbursed, rather than proceeding with a course expecting automatic reimbursement. Costs will be reimbursed upon presentation of a receipt.

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