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Chlorine Chronicle (Archive)

NMSC Jan/97 Newsletter

NMSC: Of What Value To Our Community?

(by Kerri McGuire)

In the December 1996 newsletter, Don Clinton wrote an article outlining a proposed increase in pool fees by the City of Nepean. The executive have been preparing a position paper in response to that proposal. To date, we have not met with Nepean Parks and Recreation to discuss these rate increases.

Part of our strategy has focused on the value of our swim club to the community. Presumably, a perception of strong value would place us in a more favourable bargaining position.

The following list comprises some of the tangible and intangible value we feel NMSC brings to the City of Nepean. This list also responds to a commitment made in the October newsletter in an article titled "Vision Perspectives - Outward Looking versus Inward Looking", also written by Don. The executive welcomes any further thoughts on these issues.

1. NMSC's participation in the annual Heart Swim, which has raised over $20K in the last 10 years, not only raises money for Heart and Stroke Research, but also promotes the Heart and Stroke Foundation in our community. The money donated goes towards research projects in our area. The swim also raises community awareness of heart and stroke disease and provides an excellent example of reducing the risk of heart disease through regular aerobic exercise.

2. NMSC operates in such a way that it promotes volunteerism-which is an essential component of our community and society. The club gives members the opportunity to gain numerous volunteer skills. These skills are transferable to other community organizations to which members might belong.

3. NMSC's swim meets provide revenue for the city of Nepean through rental of facilities as well as promoting tourism and revenue for local businesses from out of town participants. Over the last 21 years masters swim meets have contributed about $30K in pool rental and NPR staff costs alone.

4. NMSC contributes about $20K/yr to the City of Nepean through the rental of pool time that no one else would use at non-peak swim hours.

5. NMSC supports the employment of local youth through the hiring of lifeguard staff. Over the last 21 years this has amounted to about $80K in salaries.

6. Over the years NMSC has financed ongoing training and development of a number of coaches. Some of these coaches have been able to apply this teaching/coaching in other community programs.

7. NMSC supports local business through member and club purchase of swim equipment and accessories and through the use of local physiotherapy and sports medicine clinics.

8. NMSC has positively influenced the lives of more than 1000 people who have been members of NMSC over the last 21 years. We have provided education in the value of exercise that promotes on-going fitness training as a lifetime activity, which members carry as role models beyond their participation in our club. This promotes increased fitness in the youth of our community, as physical activity and healthy lifestyles tend to be a family affair.

9. Our shared equipment costs with NKB help both clubs operate more economically.

10. The development of leadership skills, promotion of self-esteem from increased mental and physical fitness, and an opportunity to develop many other skills through volunteering at swim meets and other club activities are available to all of our members. These skills are then carried into other programs or organizations that benefit the community in many areas.

11. Members of our club have moved on to promote similar fitness activities in other areas. They have also become involved in coaching age group swimmers, teaching, and NPR programs in Life Saving and Leadership.

12. Members of NMSC provide a "Nepean" presence at meets throughout Canada and, to a lesser extent, around the world.

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